2016 is Starting Off on the Right Hoof

Everyone loves animals. They’re cute, cuddly, smart, intriguing, and baby animals make us all cry-laugh when they make their cute little noises. An animal’s defense is as loud as we’re willing to make it and we need to make sure we preserve their species so that future generations can spend hours watching youtube videos of exotic animal adorableness (Kidding. But seriously very important!). This year is beginning with a lot of hopeful steps to protect animal life! 

Cute and funny exotic baby animals compilation HD 2013


Hong Kong is banning ivory sales! 

Elephant, rhino, and walrus tusks have been sold on both the legal and black markets for years, and Hong Kong has been a major player in the game. However, they recently announced that even legal sales of ivory dating back to pre-treaty times (the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species treaty) will be phased out in the upcoming year. 

Manatees are no longer endangered!

If you haven’t seen them at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, you should. Thanks to efforts made to create low-wake zones in oceans where manatees often are, there has been a drastic reduction in injuries and death resulting from boat propellors. That has been a major contributor to the rising numbers of manatees

Rare squirrels are making a comeback!

If you didn’t know, Squirrel Appreciation Day is January 21 and it’s great timing because the Delmarva Fox Squirell has just been removed from the endangered species list. This northeastern species lives mostly in forests and do not survive well in urban areas like our Ohio squirrel friends.

Global Goals 14 and 15 are to conserve life on land and in water. These worthy goals are off to a good start in 2016 and we know they will continue! Do you have any organizations for animal welfare and protection you love to support? Let us know on Twitter @pointapp! 

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