Ethical Gift Guide 2016

The holidays are almost here! AHHH. This should be a time enjoy friends and family, but trying to find the perfect gift can add unnecessary stress 😖. We've got a guide to the 60 best ethical gifts you can give this season.

Wait, hold up. What exactly is an 'ethical gift'?

If a product is ethical, it means that making it is sustainable and fair (aka no sweatshops), and often the purchase of the product gives back to a cause. So when you shop ethically, you are buying one big win for everyone involved!

We've got some great ideas to get you started, and we've denoted how they help:

F = Fair trade

S = Sustainable

C = Gives to a charity/ cause

E = Employs a non-traditional demographic (the homeless, disabled, women, etc)

We've also included some gifts that aren't things, which are some of our favorites. 


For the foodie: 

1. WINE - OneHope Wine; Glitter edition brut sparkling wine $59 or Sonoma reserve rose $23.99 (C)  

2. REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS - ChicoBag; Produce stand mini complete starter kit $14.99 (SC)

3. BEER - Sierra Nevada Brewing Company (only in stores); Snowpack sampler $$ (S) 

4. HOT SAUCE - JC Hot Sauce; Variety 3 pack $18 (S)

5. COFFEE - Higher Ground Roasters; Appalachian Trail Blend $11.99 (FSC)

6.  TUMBLER GLASSES - Bottles and Wood; Wine bottle tumbler glasses mixed set $35 (S)

7. COOKING SPICES - The Kitchen Imp; Rub Sampler $18 (FS)

8. SORBET - Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams (started in Ohio!); Riesling poached pear $12 (FSE)

9. HERBS - Urban Farmer; Dry erase herb kits in earth tones $25 (S) 

10. COOKING CLASS (not pictured) - We bet they won't forget it $$


For the host: 

1. STATIONERY - Flora Stationery; Monogrammed notecards, Blush No. 4 $10 (CE)

2. BLANKET (not pictured) - Sackcloth & Ashes; Arrow beige $99 (C) 

3. CANDLE HOLDERS - Dominion Traders; Lambent crystal candleholder $24.99 ea (F)

4. WALL ART - St Mary's Mahila Shikshan Kendra; Succulent embroidery art thin leaf $18 (F)

5. SERVING TRAY - Tara Projects; Slate stone serving board $27.99 (F)

6. STATEMENT LAMP - The Good Flock; Aurora lamp $179 (S)

7. SALAD BOWL - Ten Thousand Villages $24.49 (FS)

8. CANDLE - Enrou, Vietas Bowl Candle $32 (FS)

9. A THANK YOU (not pictured) -  Thank the host you love for the times in their home FREE


For the adventurer: 

1. SOLAR CHARGER - Renology; E.FLEX10 portable solar panel with USB port $59.99 (S)

2. BACKPACK -; Ace $64.95 (S)

3. JOURNAL - Uzma; Recycled cotton travel journal in black broken braid print $11 (FSC)

4. PASSPORT CASE - Cuyana; Slim leather passport case in black pebbled $75 (SC)

5. TOOTHBRUSH CASE - Brush with bamboo; Travel case $20 (SC) 

6. THERMAL HOODIE - Patagonia; Capilene thermal weight zip-neck hoodie, women's in drumfire red, men's in smolder blue $119 (SC)

7. TRAVEL UTENSILS - Patagonia; To-go ware bamboo utensil set $15 (SC)

8. OUTDOOR LAMP - Mpowerd; Luci outdoor 2.0 inflatable solar lamp $19.95 (SC)

9. HIKE (not pictured) - Go on a hike, even if it's just an hour away! FREE

10. ROAD TRIP (not pictured) - Pick a town nearby you've never been to and go FREE


For the fancy dresser:

1. NECKLACE - Noonday Collection; Dreamer necklace $48 (F) 

2. BOOT - Nisolo; Emilio LE Chukka Boot Noir $178 (FS)

3. RING - ZADY; Gold beaded ring $98 (S)

4. PRE OWNED BRACELET - Store 5aCartier Love Bracelet $5,450 (S)

5. SCARF - GSTAR; Cart Scarf $55 (S)

6. VEGAN TOTE - Freedom of Animals, Veronika Tote $260 (S)

7. TIE - Kathrine Zeren; Heathered Grey Skinny Tie $78 (FS)

8. MINI PURSE - Future Glory; Rockwell Mini in Noir $295 (FSC)

9. DANCE CLASS (not pictured) - Maybe they have it all... so dancing $$$

10. MAKE DINNER - (not pictured) Sometimes you need an excuse to dress up $$ 


For the casual dresser:

1. WATCH - WeWood; Arrow $140 (SC)

2. JOGGERS - Tentree; Bamone for her $59.99Rest easy for him $54.99 (SC)

3. GRAPHIC TEE - People TreeSwallows for her $39, bear print for him $39 (FS)  

4. BEANIE - Krochet Kids Intl.; Beanie surprise pack for her and for him $20 (E) 

5. SOCKS -Conscious Step; Holiday socks that plant trees $14.95 (FSC)

6. WALLET - Elvis & Kress; Billfold wallet in red fire-hose $93 (SC)

7. BRACELET - Tikas; Acai berry statement bracelet $22 (FSC) 

8. VEGAN CLUTCH - Matt and Nat; Robby in artichoke $85 (S) 

9. VEGAN BELT - Wills London; 4CM jeans belt in chestnut  $45 (FS) 

10. TEE - ZADY; Live in Simplicity Tee $45 (S) 

11. PICNIC (not pictured) - Picnics indoor and outdoor are a win, always $$


For the treat yo-self-er:  

1. BEARD SET - Beardology (made in Ohio!); Man set subscription $9/mo (S)  

2. FACE MASK - Herbivore Botanicals; Pink Clay $22 (S) 

3. BATH BOMB - Lush; Northern Lights bath bombs set $25.95 (FSC)

4. LOTION - Lush; Charity Pot lotion (1.7oz) $7.95 (FSC)

5. ROBE - Uncommon Goods; Upcycled Sari Lounge Robe $58 (S)

6. SOAP - The Adventure Project; Charcoal Soap that gives a stove $20 (SC)

7. FRAGRANCE - GIVEscent; Signature 5ml roll-on bottle $49 (SC)

8. TAMPONS - Aunt Flow; 100% cotton buy-one-give-one tampons $13 (C)

9. MASSAGE - Treat someone to a massage, learn from youtube FREE

10. LIBRARY CARD (not pictured) - Plan library dates, go get books, come back and read FREE



Happy holidays and happy shopping!  

Here's to the conscious gifters, 
Lindsey Schad
Blog Contributor