2020 Needs Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! Didn’t know it’s a holiday today? We’re sure it’s not a big shock to anyone that nonprofits are struggling with funding this year. Keep reading, we’ll explain.

First, What is Giving Tuesday? 

Giving Tuesday is the biggest day of giving all year. It’s the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It was created to spur philanthropy after the big holiday shopping sprees. The idea of the Giving Tuesday movement is that after you splurge on gifts then can donate to your community. Read more of their story here!

(Want to skip Amazon and support locally-made, ethical, and sustainable businesses? Check out 100 gift ideas here.) 

Why does 2020 Need Giving Tuesday? 

Nonprofits have been hit hard by 2020. They have lost donations, revenue, and staff. All the while, demand for their services have grown forcing many to shut their doors as need rises.

The Nonprofit Leadership Center reports that cancelled fundraiser events and loss of funders/corporate partners have been the biggest hindrances to funding nonprofits work. In one community in Northeast Pennsylvania, 80% of nonprofits had to cancel fundraising events, according to Forbes.

In POINT’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio the United Way and Human Service Chamber estimated that nonprofits have lost $8 million in donations from canceled fundraising events AND within the first month of the COVID-19 pandemic, only 20% of nonprofit programs are operating as they did before the crisis. We know this is not a unique case. Every city across the country is has gone through this.

Read the report here.

In May, Giving Tuesday held a special day called #GivingTuesdayNow and raised $503M in US online donations. You’d think that would be enough to get nonprofits to bounce back from COVID, but it’s only a small dent.

How can I help? 

With POINT, it’s super easy to give $5 (or more!). Just open your app, search for your favorite nonprofit (don’t see them? Invite them to join here), and tap donate. Orrrr discover new nonprofits in your Causes tab and see all of the great organizations working on Homelessness, the Environment, or other causes you care about. Want to know more about how donations work on POINT?

Does my $5 really help?

Absolutely. A lot of little donations from thousands of people ​adds up quickly​. Especially since many charities have had to cancel fundraisers due to COVID-19, every donation plays a vital role in sustaining their mission. Whether you can afford $5 here and there, or $50, your financial support goes a long way.

Don’t have anything extra to spare this year? No worries, we get it. Even sharing your favorite nonprofit’s post on social media or tweeting about why you love their mission (don’t forget to tag them!) can help. Seriously, it does.  

Thanks for caring, donating, and doing more good. Whether you skip the Starbucks today to give $5 to local nonprofits, or you volunteer (Psst – find events here.) you mean the world to us. 

We got this,



Have questions about donating on POINT? Read this, or shoot us your thoughts at hello@pointapp.org 

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Madison Mikhail
CEO & Founder at POINT

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