2 ways to get more attractive without the gym

Photo: Rogue Fitness

Let’s say you know a guy from accounting. Guy from accounting is a 7/10. (We want to be above this, we really do, but let’s face it – when you’re thinking of going out with someone you’re going to make a judgement call on the type of person you want to be with). 

All you know about Guy from accounting is his work ethic, basic people skills, some weekend activities, and of course the looks.

But then, you find out:

Guy from accounting, 

1. takes a day a month to hang out with the family. Like, he actually goes and spends time with his grandparents. +💯

2. spends time in the community for an after school program. +💯

(3. crossfits. But doesn’t mouth spew about it). +1

You go Guy from accounting. You got yourself a 10/10. 

#upyourpoints and love on your family and your city. 


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