3 ways to do good without leaving your bed

Here’s 3 ways to feed the flame of healing human decency that we could all use a dose of. You don’t even have to get out from under the covers. 

1. Plant trees IRL from bed

I know what you’re thinking, “how can I plant trees without getting out of bed?” Answer: Ecosia. This certified B-corp and promising startup out of Germany will plant a tree EVERY TIME you use their search engine. Just think of how many trees you could have planted with all that googling you did this week.

Just download it here, and spend today searching for funny cat pictures and know that your procrastination just planted a forest. 

👉 if you don’t want to change your search engine, there is another plug in from Johnnie Walker that simply tracks your carbon usage and plants trees to neutralize your footprint. 

Feel good, don’t it? 

2. Change your browser home page. Really.  

There’s ways to make our daily internet habit more helpful, and it costs no money or time. How? Welzoo sounds to good to be true, but it actually does what it says. Use the sponsored-site as your start page after designating your organization of choice, and your day of surfing just sent waves of funding to something you care about. (So mom if you’re about to google “IRL”, change your browser home page to Welzoo first.)

hi bear friend! *uses Wezloo to donate to animal rescue org* **waves at computer screen**

3.  Take a nap while your computer helps research

Scientific research, ranging from the effects of Zika virus, to exploring the signatures of cancers, to shaping clean energy research efforts, needs computing power. Enter, IBM’s World Community Grid. The great minds behind the tides of change in this world can accomplish little without technology. By lending your computer’s existing idle energy to the computing power necessary for research, you’re contributing to a decade+ of global efforts (and successes!) for good. Make the easiest signup since POINT here.

Now you can sit back, rally, and let your computer do the work. 

Let’s get to it. Together. 

To feeding the flame,

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.