30ROCKin’ Ways to Get Engaged With the World in 2016

I spent most of 2015 pretty focused on myself and my needs. So one of my resolutions (besides drinking more water and eating fewer processed foods), is to be more engaged in what’s happening in the world around me. I want to be informed about things happening in key countries around the world, be able to make a difference in my immediate community, and be more aware of the blessings in my own life. How do you even start to become more aware and informed? Well, lucky for you I’ve compiled some ideas!

1. Take action – rather than just reading an article that moves you, follow up with the situation/organization/person it’s about and spread the word to people who would also care. 

2. Research a world need or cause that interests you. Like, really research it. 

3. Find YOUR charity of choice. (check out Charity Navigator)

4. Buy a few $5 Mickey D’s gift cards and keep them in your purse/car/wallet to give to the homeless. 

5. While you’re at it, keep a few Clif bars in your car for the same reason. 

6. Share POINT posts so that our app can reach as many people as possible who want to help us change the world. 

7. Start a blessing-a-day journal.

8. Donate your tax refund. Because do you really need to be eating enough Chipotle to feed a small army? Didn’t think so. Donate your refund. 

9.  Start multitasking with your purchases and support companies that give back. 

10. Read news you won’t find on mainstream media – check out globalcitizen.org.

11. Listen to mainstream media and get overviews on world politics. 

12. Take in as much information as possible and give deep thought to where you stand on key issues. 

13. Download the POINT app (coming SO soon!) and follow and share about the causes you care about most. 

14. Write to a congressman to help give a cause you care about a voice. 

15. Join in planting a community garden.

16. Say one kind thing to a stranger everyday – you never know what will come of it. 

17. Support an improvement effort in your community. 

18. Adopt a pet. Or “adopt” an endangered animal

19. Adopt a child. Well okay, maybe we’re not there yet… but you could sponsor a child and get to know them. 

20. Round up your total at Kroger – they give the difference to area food banks

21. Buy coffee for a stranger.

22. Donate to POINT and help us with our goal of changing the way the world gives. 

23. Use your phone for good rather than distraction. Know when to pick it up to educate yourself (*coughPOINTappcough*) but know when to put it down to relate to the world around you. 

24. Brush up on your foreign language of choice and learn some more about their culture. It might just come in handy someday!

25. Plan to volunteer with a friend or two! Wishing you could shake things up a little bit and give back at the same time? Boom. (Not a bad date idea, either..)

26. Talk to your grandparents. There’s a lot you can learn from them. 

27. Go to a place you’ve never been before, put your phone away (but nearby in case of emergency), and explore. 

28. ASK QUESTIONS. And a lot of them. 

29. You know how sometimes you can be walking down a busy street and someone drops something and doesn’t notice? Or is struggling with a task and no one is helping? Be the person that does something nice for them. Who knows, you might make their day a little brighter. 

30. Subscribe to POINT blogs and share them with your friends. We will keep you updated on our app development (LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN), world issues, and charity on local and global scales.

In 2016, invite the world in. There’s a lot of things happening that we don’t notice when we are too focused on ourselves. Tweet at us (@PointApp) and tell us which suggestions you’re going to use! 

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Lindsey Schad
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