4 lies you’ll text this weekend

Weekends feel pretty much the same. We find ourselves lying to get out of the normal weekend activities. So here’s 4 ways we will all lie this weekend…

1. The classic “I missed your text” lie

When Read Receipts turns into a stealth operation.

We’ve all done it. We definitely saw that text and definitely did not want to go. And we know it’s less about ignoring them, and more about avoiding doing the same old thing. 

After a long week of routine, we want the weekend to be filled with something that means a little more than another stale night at the bar when we just don’t have the energy.

2. The “I don’t care” lie

*Google Translate: iMessage ➪ What I really mean*

“I actually care and possibility want to watch netflix for 2 hours instead of 5 and mayyybbeeee go do something meaningful like cuddle with puppies at the shelter”

Feeling like we’re challenging the status quo is hard – it’d be easier if we had a place to go to sign up easily for cause-related events, and even see which of our friends were already interested.   

3. The “It was fun” lie

You say “It was fun” when you’re actually broke, tired and have a headache. 

When we do the same thing every weekend it doesn’t feel like the best. Not to say we didn’t have fun, but we’d love to do something different – to make a difference – and experience it together. 

4. The “I’d rather break the bank than your heart” lie

We get it.

Sometimes we really did miss that text, or we’re up for whatever, or had the best night…but let’s be real – not all the time. 

So we’re making POINT for you. For us.

POINT app is bridging the gap between wanting to get involved & meet new people, and not knowing where to start. 

Here’s to shaving off a few hours of Netflix.

Need motivation? Want to get inspired? Start ➪ here. We’ll point it out to you.

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No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.