4 ways you know your S.O. is a keeper

We all have our own tests for our potential soulmates: do they treat their parents with respect, are they good with kids, do they like dogs? Each one of us has a different set of things we value the most. But when it comes down to it, we all want someone who makes the world a little bit better.

If you’re seeing these next 4 things, you may have found ’em.  

1. They don’t diminish your efforts to help – they encourage them

Instead of telling you that giving to the homeless is just enabling laziness, they praise you for keeping Clif bars and McDonald’s gift cards in your car to give out when you see someone in need. They recognize that you are doing what you can to alleviate suffering and they value your efforts.

2. They are always looking for the most ethical way to do things 

Your significant other is definitely a keeper if they choose to support ethical behavior over price when able. This may entail buying fair trade gifts during the holidays, making sure their food choices are sustainable, or even suggesting getting a rescue pet instead of buying one from puppy mills. They realise that their actions have an impact, and they consistently try to do the most good rather than the least damage. 

3. They can’t watch The White Helmets without crying

Believe me, I tried (and failed). If they can make it through that documentary without #feels, you might want to rethink some things. Empathy, compassion, and belief in the equal value of human life are all qualities of a keeper, and this documentary hits hard on all three. 

4. They love doing what they can to help others

Every one has a different skill set, but if they use their talents to help people who need it then that speaks magnitudes to their character. Whether they are a great musician who hosts benefit concerts, or a tech wiz that helps local non-profits create their own websites, or a social butterfly who spends their days serving the homeless or the elderly, people who love to help are the absolute best. 

We want to find keepers, and we want to be one ourselves. But it’s hard to find convienient ways to serve, and it’s difficult to know what charities you can trust with your time and money. That’s why POINT is here to make it easier.

Find events in your area, follow causes and keep up with the orgs that put ‘meaning’ in meaningful. Sign up to get on our wait list – won’t flood your inbox, promise.

Here’s to the current and future keepers, 

(P.S. if you haven’t seen The White Helmets and are one of the two people in the world without Netflix, sign up for the free trial JUST to watch it. 100% amazing)

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Lindsey Schad
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