Charities: Five Quick Tips for Posting Events

POINT makes it as easy as it should be for your community to know about volunteer events. Not on POINT? Sign your charity up at pointapp.org/charity.  When you post an event on the POINT charity dashboard, people see it on the POINT app. Cool right?

To kick your game up a notch, it’s the high quality, informative posts that’ll draw the most people in. We know it’s easier said than done, so here are a few tips to make sure you include the details that make a difference.

1. Post clear event titles and volunteer descriptions: 

Don’t be afraid to be honest about what tasks you are asking volunteers to complete, even if they may not sound like the most ‘fun’.  It’s important for volunteers to get the real deal. Let volunteers know what they are doing, why they are doing it, and who it will benefit in the event posting.

Tip: We think titles that are 4 words long or shorter are best! 

2. Include parking information: 

If your parking lot is linked to your main host site, great! Include this information and state something like, “parking is located behind the building.” If parking is at a different address, or even extremely hard to find, let volunteers know this as well so they know what address to put into their phone that’ll actually land them in the right spot, or so they can decide if they should Uber and avoid the hassle all together.

3. What to look for/where to enter: 

If parking is a breeze, but the volunteer doesn’t know which of the unfamiliar locked doors of your building to stand by, knock on, etc., then all may be lost. Include clear directions on how to find your event lead (POINT person!) by indicating your specific meeting place, your secret password, and other important info.

4. Include any restrictions: 

This includes age, gender, prior experience necessary, clothing requirements (i.e. closed toed shoes, long pants, shoulders covered, etc.). Think of this as the natural way to weed out unqualified volunteers. It’s much easier to simply recruit the right people, rather than have to unexpectedly turn someone away at an event.

5. Contact info: 

Leave the name and number of someone who will be available at the time of the event if need be. If the event is after 5 p.m., try not to list a number that will be forwarded straight to voicemail. If a volunteer has an urgent question right before an event, knowing someone from your organization can be reached is vital.

You’re already doing a great job serving the community, and POINT is here to make your job easier.

Have more great tips in mind? Comment below with your tried-and-true event-boosters, or catch us on twitter @pointapp! 


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