7 times Chrissy Teigen was so us it’s scary

Last month, if you wondered if she read your mind and then tweeted your thoughts, well, you’re not alone. Here’s 7 times that happened. 

1. When you look pretty much anywhere on the internet these days. 

Oh, another rage-filled polarizing status? Please. More. I love it so much. 

2. When you are tired of the tinderfail types and just want to meet someone idk, normal

is that took much to ask?!

3. When you cannot handle that you are a human person on a planet

Agreed. It really is insane. 

4. When you can’t unsee that news story you just saw and have no idea what to do

5. When you learn something new about a world issue

Like this article last month about Antartica potentially losing most of its penguins after, you know, only 45,000 years of survival

6. When that earlier realization about being a human that exists makes you think about all the other humans that exist

7. When you want to do something more but have no clue where to start

We get it. 

We wanted it, so we made it. The place to go to do something. To meet worthwhile people and live less cringeworthy moments. 

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