5 Benefits of Volunteer Check-in Stations

Let’s chat about something that can make your volunteer management process run smoother than ever – volunteer check-in stations! 🏢🚶‍♂️

Your volunteers bring passion, energy, and dedication to your mission. Can’t thrive without them! But how do you ensure everything starts off on the right foot? Well, that’s where having great, supportive tech comes in to play. Last week we talked about the benefits of powering instant volunteer sign-ups with easy-to-use tech, but you can go a step further. 🙌

Adding a volunteer self-checkin station makes sure that every volunteer is accounted for while creating an easy flow for your event. With POINT Pro, you’ll get multiple ways to set up your volunteer check-in kiosk. You can print out a sheet with the check-in QR code, use a tablet or laptop at your entrance, or even display QR codes on a meeting screen for virtual and online-based volunteer opportunities.

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For now, let’s talk allll about the benefits of having a tech-forward volunteer check-in process!

1. ⏱ Time-Saver Extraordinaire

Volunteer check-in stations are like a time warp to efficiency land! No more paper lists or frantic searches through Excel spreadsheets to make sure everyone is accounted for. Volunteers simply scan their codes or use your kiosk, and poof! They’re checked in and ready to conquer their tasks.💪This streamlined process means less time spent on admin work and more time spent engaging with your volunteers and community members.

2. 📋 Accurate Record-Keeping

Spreadsheets can be a nightmare, especially if multiple people are working in them. Volunteer check-in stations keep an easy breezy digital log. And if you use POINT, everything is automatically accounted for on your volunteer management dashboard, and under the individual volunteer’s profile. Say goodbye to disappearing sign-in sheets or guessing at messy handwriting – everything is clear and organized.

3. 💁‍♀️ Smoother Onboarding

First impressions are everything, and volunteer check-in stations ensure a smooth onboarding process. Volunteers like to make sure that their hours are counted—especially if they get benefits at work or school—and check-in stations are an easy way to do that. Just make sure that there is clear signage for where they should go next so that they know exactly how to jump in and get to work!

4. 📈 Data-Driven Insights

Digital volunteer check-in stations also provide valuable data insights. On POINT, check-in data is compiled on your admin dashboard so it’s super easy to see stats on attendance. You can use our automatic reports to see trends—are certain events or times more likely to have no-shows, or do certain volunteers continually come late? This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions for your nonprofit’s volunteer programming.

5. 🌐 Contactless Convenience

In our post-pandemic world, contactless solutions are all the rage for good reason. Volunteer check-in stations offer a contactless, safe, and hassle-free experience, making your volunteers feel comfortable. By using your POINT check-in QR code, volunteers can check-in from their own devices, reducing germ spread and helping keep elder or immuno-compromised volunteers safe.

✨ Ready to Reap the Benefits of Volunteer Check-In Stations?

A smooth check-in process translates to happy volunteers. Happy volunteers are more likely to return, invite friends, and become lifelong supporters of your nonprofit’s cause. So, setting them up for success with easy check-in is a win-win for everyone. Volunteer check-in stations save time, ensure accuracy, and create a more enjoyable experience for your volunteers. We know that sometimes it can be daunting to embrace tech-forward processes at your nonprofit, but there are a lot of ways to make sure it creates a better experience for both your staff and volunteers. 🙌 We hope this was helpful!

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