Charities, try out our new features!

The POINT Dashboard for Charities has more updates

If you’re a nonprofit in Columbus, Ohio, you’re in luck. We have some management tools for you to try out for free. To date, there are over 60 nonprofits on POINT and we’re thankful to have your feedback.

If you’re new to POINT, here’s a quick crash course on how it works.

  1. Charities post events to the POINT dashboard, those events show up on the POINT app.

  2. Volunteers find your events on the POINT app and sign up, simply by tapping “Go”.

  3. You check in your volunteers on the POINT dashboard, or volunteers can check in from their phones once they arrive.

  4. Volunteer activity is tracked and reported on the POINT Dashboard.

Is your charity not on POINT yet? Sign up is easy and only takes 3 minutes - we’ll approve your charity (to make sure you’re legit) and then you’re good to go.

Here’s What’s New:

Remember that valuable feedback we mentioned? We’re putting it to work. We are currently finishing up all the features that charities have been asking for on the POINT Dashboard. See below!

New Dash.png

Here are the new things the dashboard can do:

1. Record live analytics about volunteer activity, hours and impact

2. Check in Volunteers

3. Manage groups of volunteers

4. create subgroups of volunteer groups

5. Create private events for select volunteers or groups

6. Provide live notifications of volunteer activity

7. Instant chat support

8. Email volunteers from the dashboard

9. Unlimited event templates

10. What feature is being released next? Event shifts!

Want to learn more before you sign up?

We understand that jumping into a new system can be overwhelming, but take heart, we’ve made navigating POINT really easy. But because we’re over the top nice, you can book a demo with us and we will walk you through all of our new features and how to use them.

Try it out

Everything on POINT is currently free to test out. No, really - we don’t even ask for your credit card info.

Are you on POINT and you don’t see the new features? Go to “Settings”, go to “View Plan” and pick the pizza that fits your nonprofit size.