Cracking open a cold one just got WAY better (for 21+)

Everyone knows that Saturdays are perfect for cracking open a cold one with the boys (or girls), and the internet has been obsessed with it lately: 

We are too, because there are some breweries doing awesome things.

What if I told you that cracking open a cold one could help eliminate food waste? Chelsea Craft Brewing Company released a new American Pale Ale on July 4 called the Toast Ale. It’s brewed with leftover bread from neighboring bakeries that would otherwise go to a landfill. PLUS they give profits to charity! For now you can only find it at bars and restaurants in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, or at the Whole Foods NYC locations. But with enough encouragement the trend will catch on and expand. We’ll toast to that 😉

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Not from NY? No worries. Patagonia just released a beer that helps fight climate change (and it’s now a must have on our camping supply lists). The Long Root Ale, created in partnership with HopWorks Urban Brewery, is made from Kernza perennial grains. The grains were developed in the 80s by agriculturists hoping to grow grains that would re-seed year after year, improve soil quality, and sequester more carbon than other varieties. You can find it in their Provisions section in stores across the Northwest. Crack open a cold one after a nice hike, and enjoy (responsibly!) knowing that your taste in beer helps the planet. 

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For brands you can find at your local grocery store, check out Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and SweetWater. All are dedicated to giving back to different causes and have environmental sustainability built in to the very core of their businesses – whether it’s how they ship their items or how they power their manufacturing facilities. And if you’re passionate about the ocean, check out Saltwater Brewery. Their 6-pack rings are biodegradable and can be eaten by fish, who often die as a result of plastic rings. 

For all you locavores out there, Great Lakes Brewing Company based in #CLE uses solar power, gives back to keep our lakes and rivers clean, sources from local farms, and gets creative in reusing their byproducts. Just drinking locally brewed beers helps support your community (and often the smaller breweries are involved in giving back) and decreases the environmental impact of your beer (less transportation = less carbon in the atmosphere). It’s a win for everyone involved 🙂 

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