How to Create a Monthly Giving Program for Volunteers 

Your volunteers already do so much for your organization – but did you know they’re more willing to support your work financially, too? In a study of regular volunteers, 76% of survey respondents reported donating to organizations they volunteer with. 

A monthly giving plan is the perfect way to encourage more volunteers to become regular, sustaining donors. However, knowing the best way to get started can be tricky. Let’s explore the ins and outs of a monthly giving program, as well as how to create one targeting your volunteers. 

What is a Monthly Giving Program?

A monthly giving program allows donors to automatically donate a set amount to your organization every month. Regular donations like these help support organizations with a steady stream of funds so they can fulfill their mission and do more good. 

Just as volunteers sustain organizations by donating their time, they can also sustain them by participating in a monthly giving plan. Plus, volunteers who join your monthly giving program will develop an even stronger relationship with your organization. 

Tips to Create A Monthly Giving Program for Your Volunteers 

1. Set attainable goals 🎯

First, determine how much you hope to raise with a monthly giving program. Will this program help fund a specific initiative? How much do you need to support that initiative? 

Once you have a number in mind, decide how many donors you will need to meet your goals. Remember that recurring donations are usually lower dollar amounts that add up in a big way over time, so take this into account with your calculations. Another factor to consider is how many volunteers you have. 

For example, if you have 20 volunteers, is it likely each of them will be able to donate $100 a month to meet your $2,000/month goal? Steer clear from overly ambitious goals that make your program seem like it’s underperforming (when really it’s doing great!). 

2. Decide on benefits 🤩

Will your monthly giving program bring any additional perks for your donors? This can help incentivize more volunteers to join your program and become donors. Benefits can include anything from a special meeting with your executive director to merch like stickers, hats, and t-shirts. Just be sure to factor this cost into your budget, as it will affect your goal. 

3. Set up your tools ⚒️

Next, you’ll need powerful tools to help you capture these donations. The best option for a volunteer giving program is to find a way to collect donations using the interface your volunteers are already familiar with, like POINT! Then you’ll want a streamlined donation form that automates recurring giving so your organization doesn’t have to lift a finger. Set up your recurring donation campaign on Donorbox and embed your donation form on your POINT page. 

Your volunteers will be able to log in to their own Donorbox accounts to update their recurring donations at any time. You can also select up to four recurring donation intervals to add to your form, so you can choose to collect one-time, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual donations. 

4. Build your program’s brand 💁🏻‍♀️

A recognizable brand is everything these days! Building a brand for your monthly giving program includes everything from the name to a special logo to messaging to your volunteers. Your messaging is especially important to clarify that this is a giving program for volunteers.

This step helps build trust and interest in your monthly giving program – and it can make your giving program feel like a club your volunteers really want to join! Customize your donation form to match this branding, too. Use Donorbox’s guide to branding your donation form to create a cohesive donor experience. 

5. Promote your program 📣

Get the word out! Since your program will target volunteers, a logical step is to announce this program at your next volunteer event or in your next newsletter. Share your program on your POINT page so donors know exactly what to do – and how easy it is to join. 

You can also share your program on social media to encourage both more donors and more volunteers to support your mission. 

6. Recognize donors 🥳

Hopefully, you already have a great volunteer recognition plan in place! Volunteer recognition is a big step in volunteer retention. 

However, recognizing volunteers who join your monthly giving program will look a little different. With Donorbox, they’ll automatically receive a tax-compliant receipt via email with a thank-you message that you can customize. This is crucial for financial gifts because it ensures donors have everything they need for tax purposes. 

Once their gift is properly acknowledged with the email receipt, get creative and take donor recognition to the next level! List their names on a donor wall and in your annual report, and celebrate them with a special shout-out at your next volunteer appreciation event. 

In your gift acknowledgments, demonstrate the impact of their donations with stories and data highlighting how their funds made a real difference in your mission. And be sure to thank them for volunteering, too! 

Turn More Volunteers into Donors with a Monthly Giving Program 

Your volunteers are rockstars, supporting your programming and helping your organization do so much good. But they may be willing to support your work financially, too, if given the right opportunity. 

Creating a monthly giving program for your volunteers is the perfect way to make giving fun for them – while still recognizing everything they already do for your organization. Adding fun benefits, branding, and thoughtful recognition will help you build stronger relationships with those volunteers who become donors. Plus, it brings in extra funds to sustain your organization in the long run – a win-win! 

Sign up for Donorbox today to launch your monthly giving program in less than 15 minutes! 

About the Author:
Lindsey Baker Bower, Marketing Content Writer at Donorbox 

As the Marketing Content Writer at Donorbox, Lindsey Baker Bower creates resources to help nonprofits with their fundraising messaging and strategy. She has many years of experience in the arts nonprofit world and an MFA in fiction.

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