2020 Ethical and Sustainable Gift Guide by Quarantine Hobby

Can we all just take a minute to celebrate that this year is almost over?! 2020 will not be missed! Throughout the year, things have happened all over the world that really highlight the ways our current system isn’t working. From the record numbers of wildfires to the pandemic to global protests for social justice, the root of these problems is that right now humans not living in a way that is balanced with nature, and our societies have historically chosen to perpetuate injustices. That’s why we create this ethical and sustainable gift guide every year (see: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016). We believe it’s really important to amplify brands who are using their products & company culture to support a better way of doing things, and who put people and planet over profit.

Our Ethical and Sustainable Gift Guide highlights brands that hit on one or more of the following pillars:

Ethical gifts | ☺︎

Everyone in the supply chain is paid a living wage and has fair working conditions-—from the people working in the factories to the people working in their stores. This includes labor certifications, fair trade products, or employing non-traditional folks (e.g., people rescued from sex trafficking, formerly incarcerated people, homeless folks, etc.)

Sustainable gifts | ♻︎

This hits on both the raw materials used in their products, and the way they’re produced (e.g., made from recycled bottles, use a closed-loop process that conserves water, sources from deadstock (leftover) fabrics, carbon neutral manufacturing, etc.) OR they are products that you can use instead of single-use items.

Gifts that give back | ♡

These are from companies donate a portion of their profits to nonprofits working to make changes that align with their companies values. We also include products that plant trees in this category.

Handmade/Local gifts | ✂︎

We love to elevate smaller brands that make everything by hand, or who are based in the Midwest. Supporting small businesses typically keeps money in the communities where the products are made, boosting the local economy, and it supports artisans and craftspeople that create quality items that are made to last.

Gifts from BIPOC-owned companies | =

BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, or people of color. The world, and the U.S., has a deep history of oppression and discrimination against BIPOC. One thing you can do to start to right these wrongs is to pay attention to who profits the companies you buy from, and support BIPOC-owned companies which helps communities build up intergenerational wealth.

POINTer #1: Download the “Done Good” Google Chrome plugin before you start shopping this gift guide. It’s like Honey, but for ethical brands. A ton of the brands on here are Done Good Approved, and you can get major discounts with their codes!

POINTer #2: We like to feature brands on the guide most people might not have heard of yet, but some of our go-to faves are PatagoniaTen Thousand VillagesTenTreeTala, Lush, and Everlane. Check them out!

POINTer #3: If you’ve gotta use Amazon for some last-minute purchases, remember to use Amazon Smile! You can pick even POINT App as your charity—we provide our top notch tech to nonprofits for free.

Our gift guide helps you find the best gift for your friends and family based on their quarantine hobby!

What would 2020 be without lockdowns? We know the holidays will look different this year, so we’ve also included gift set ideas at the bottom of some sections in case you’re assembling and shipping to friends and family! (Psst…we’ve also got ways to make the holidays less trashy 😉 )

Gifts for the one who’s fueling a Netflix addiction

1. Skin-Enhancing Body Butter in Sweet Apricot | $15 | Melanin Essentials | ☺︎ ♻︎ =
Eco-friendly and black-owned beauty brand that provides a thriving wage to working single mothers and partners with Loop to reduce waste. Because there’s no better feeling cozying up in bed with silky soft skin, clean sheets, and a movie.

2. Movie night goodies | $10 total | Public Goods | ♻︎
High-quality sustainable essentials for daily life. Pair delicious home-popped organic popcorn with organic cantuccini (Italian almond cookies) for a delicious movie night treat.
BONUS: Add a surface cleaner in case of spills (re-use an old spray bottle and just mix the refill solution with water!)

3. Beard Grooming Kit | $30 | Badger | ☺︎ ♻︎
Badger is a certified B Corp and use clean ingredients and recycled packaging. Buy it from EarthHero and your lucky fella can send in the tin when he’s finished to be recycled through TerraCycle. Ideal for the man who’s let the beard get a little…out of control lately.

4. Moon Landscape Sweatshirt | $112 | Mate the Label | ♻︎ ☺︎
Mate uses 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton, which is the most rigorous certification for sustainable cotton, and produces garments at their ethical LA factory. Organic cotton uses 87% less water than regular cotton, so while your friend may be thirsty, this sweatshirt isn’t 😉

5. The Softee | $44 | LA Relaxed | ♻︎ ☺︎
Ethically made out of sustainably-sourced TENCEL modal, which is made of biodegradable Beech tree fibers in a closed-loop (no water waste, no pollution) process. It’s so soft that your buddy will probably wear it to work & to bed, and maybe to work again. We won’t judge.

6. Bamboo Lyocell Eye Mask | $16 | Ettitude | ♻︎
Bamboo is super sustainable because it grows so fast with so few resources, plus the fluffy fill is made from recycled water bottles. Ideal for your favorite healthcare worker—everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, but especially our front line heroes!

7. Tria Serving Board | $38 (single) or $78 (set) | Newly Goods | ♻︎ ✂︎
Handmade in Tennessee from reclaimed wood. Great for carrying their snacks from the kitchen to the couch in style.

8. Men’s Bamboo Lyocell Pajama Set | $50 shorts, $110 set | Ettitude | ♻︎
Bamboo lyocell feels like silk, and fast-growing bamboo helps sequester carbon (pull it out of the atmosphere) and prevent erosion. Because men like to feel luxurious, too.

9. Cloud Nine Set | $54 | Herbivore Botanicals | ♻︎ ☺︎
Sustainable and ethical clean beauty made without chemicals or fillers. For a relaxing night in & dewy, glowing skin.

POINT Gift Guide Set:

We all have that friend (or sibling) who is lovinggggg the stay-at-home life. Pair the body butter and movie night goodies for a self care night, complete with a personally-curated playlist or must-watch movie list.

Gifts for the person who rescued a pet

10. Monogram Pet Bandana | $43 | WoolyWeenieDog | ✂︎ ♡
Handmade and machine washable out of a durable yarn, 10% of monthly sales go to animal rescue organizations! Perfect for the always stylish pet.

11. Socks that Save Dogs | $40 | Conscious Step | ☺︎ ♻︎ ♡
Organic cotton socks that donate to Best Friends Animal Society. In case your friend’s new rescue pup has chewed up a few pairs of socks by now…

12. Indigo Mud Cloth Squeaky Toy | $16 | The Foggy Dog | ♻︎ ☺︎
Ethically made, with fill made of recycled plastic bottles. So basically, dog lovers are helping save the earth.

13. Hightide Thermal Crew | $78 | Outerknown | ♻︎ ☺︎
Fair-trade made with recycled cotton. Can be thrown over pjs for early morning walks, but it’ll for sure become a staple of your friend’s wardrobe.

14. Re-Spun Striped Crew | $35 | Marine Layer | ♻︎ ☺︎
Sustainably and ethically made out of recycled tees. You can gift this tee + a donation bag for unwearable clothes that lil puppies have used as chew toys or that kittens have used as scratching posts.

15. Honey Butter | $18 | Marin Bee Co. | ♡
This natural ingredient-based body butter donates to Planet Bee, an environmental education nonprofit that promotes the importance of pollinators. Because these lil critters are the basis of our food supply.

16. Modelo ’89 | $160 | SAYE | ♻︎ ♡
These sneaks plant trees AND are made out of organic and recycled materials with leather sourced from meat industry byproducts (news flash: vegan leather = plastic = oil👎 ). At least the puppy will chew on organic shoes?? #health

17. Fishnet Flyer Frisbee | $12 | Bureo | ♻︎ ♡
This frisbee is made of recycled discarded fishnets, plus donates 1% for the planet. A sustainable way to play long-range fetch.

18. Bataan Del Dia Fanny Pack | $30 | Cotopaxi | ♻︎ ☺︎ ♡
Seamstresses pick colors of leftover (deadstock) fabric in whatever combo they like, and make each pack unique. Perfect for holding your keys, treats, and compostable poop bags on walks.

19. High Rise Pocket Legging | $78 | Girlfriend Collective | ♻︎ ☺︎
Made out of recycled bottles, and can be sent back to be re-recycled when they’re worn out! Has sizes from XXS – 6XL so it’s perfect for literally any dog walkin’ gal you know.

20. Triangle Tangle Bandana | $26 | ✂︎ ♻︎
Handmade out of recycled water bottles. For wearing as a face covering on walks, or to spruce up their pet’s accessory game.

POINT Gift Guide Set:

Take care of their pooch by pairing the monogram bandana and squeaky toy. But don’t forget their human! Add in the socks that save dogs for something cozy that also does more good!

Gifts for the one who’s been baking and crafting like crazy

21. Riley Blood Orange Pant | $73 | Aulieude | ♻︎ ☺︎
Sustainable fabrics shipped in biodegradable packaging, Aulieude also donates to native reforestation in Australia and New Zealand. These adjustable pants are ideal for when you’ve got a food baby (or a human one).

22. Rolling Pin | $69 | Adrian Martinus | ♻︎ ✂︎
These unique handmade rolling pins are made from repurposed wood and skateboards. A super chill way to roll out pizza or cookie dough.

23. Linen Bread Bag | $17 | Net Zero Co. | ♻︎ ♡
Linen is an eco-friendly fiber, and each purchase donates to Eden Reforestation Projects. In case your pal makes a few too many loaves

24. The Immigrant Cookbook | $35 | Nisolo | ♡
A compilation of recipes from immigrant chefs around the world, $5+ of each book sale goes to the ACLU’s Immigrant Rights Project. Ideal for the budding chef who’s ready to expand their repertoire and pretend they’re traveling (tbt) at the same time!

25. Squiggle Hair Clip | $16 | Hey Moon Designs | ✂︎ =
Handmade in small batches by a Filipino-American artist. Ideal for keeping hair out of your face while baking, or just for looking cute because why not!?

26. Orange Blossom Espresso Chocolate | $7.50 | jcoco chocolate| ♻︎ ♡
Creative & delicious sustainable chocolate that funds fresh meal donations through their food bank partnerships. Pairs exquisitely with homemade toast & coffee.

27. Dandelion Stripe Apron | $125 | Made Trade | ☺︎
This naturally-dyed apron is handwoven by a family cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico. Great for the messy baker who somehow gets flour EVERYWHERE, like, every time.

28. Personalized Yarn Bowl | $60 | Uncommon Goods | ✂︎
Made-to-order by an artist in Florida. Because we all know someone who’s knitted 34 sweaters and 471 scarves since March, and it’s probably the same person that’s baking all the bread.

29. Shopping Tote | $24 | The Little Market | ☺︎ ♡
This tote is ethically made in Bangladesh, and supports the International Community Fund’s This is About Humanity project to help reunite families separated at the US-Mexico border. For the one who isn’t afraid to strike up deep conversations at the grocery store.

30. Seasonal Swedish Dish Cloth | $7 | Package Free Shop | ♻︎
One of these dishcloths replaces 17 rolls of paper towels, quickly absorbs spills, and can be thrown in the washer! Get it for the chef-in-training who loves a clean kitchen.

31. American Blue Loaf Pan | $10 | Emerson Creek Pottery | ✂︎ ☺︎
Ethically handmade by pottery artists in Virginia. Gift to the friend who’s been on a banana bread-making kick, and maybe they’ll share 😉

32. Eco Gardener’s Pot Press | $26 | Uncommon Goods | ♻︎
Made from sustainably sourced wood, it lets you create seedling pots out of biodegradable newspaper. Perfect for the person who has started gardening to grow their own foods (aka the COVID victory gardener).

33. Kilim Sneaker | $175 | Res Ipsa | ♻︎ ☺︎
Handmade out of upcyled vintage Turkish rugs, they’re ethical and one-of-a-kind. Perfect for grocery runs to stock up on flour and yeast, and for Insta.

34. Take me to Paris Trio | $49 | ✂︎ ♡
These stunning handmade candles also plant a tree through partnerships with Tree Era and Trees for the Future. For giving those quarantine dinners a little ambiance, and pretending to be somewhere romantic.

Diana Skirt in Tan Lady Print | $132 | Whimsy & Row | ♻︎ ☺︎| *Not pictured, but reeeeal cute!
Made ethically in LA from 100% recycled rayon. For taking sunny afternoon walks while the bread is rising.
*Use this link to get $20 off*

POINT Gift Guide Set:

Every baker needs a story behind the things in their kitchen, so we recommend giving your favorite chef the one-of-a-kind rolling pin. Wrap it up in the linen bread bag, and pair it with some jcoco chocolates for a gift that will be delectable AND delightful.

Gifts for the super-parent and their mini-me’s

35. Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit |$30 | Uncommon Goods | ♻︎ ☺︎
Grow your own food out of a salvaged log. Ideal for the family who’s got kids that like to play outside, or who eat lotsa veggies.

36. The Cozy Set | $60 | Boody | ♻︎
This set is made of fast-growing and renewable bamboo. Who knew bamboo could feel so incredibly cuddly? Gift it to the parents of your favorite lil’ munchkin.

37. Decomposition Book | $9 | Decomposition | ♻︎
Made 100% out of post-consumer recycled paper and printed with safe, soy-based ink. Great for that niece or nephew who is always drawing things or making up crazy stories.

38. Forest Line Tee | $34 | Toad & Co. | ♻︎ ♡
Made from 100% organic cotton which saves about 100 gallons of water, and they belong to 1% for the planet and donate to conservation nonprofits. Perfect for the “cool dads” you know.

39. Who’s She? Board | $99 | Playeress | ☺︎ ♻︎
Handmade in Poland by local craftspeople, plus 100% of emissions from shipping are offset for all purchases on Etsy. Because we all grew up learning about men, and there are some kick-butt women we should all know, too.

40. Organic Baby Butter | $21 | Reve En Vert | ♻︎
Clean Soil Association organic certified ingredients packaged in recyclable containers. For buttering up those delicious baby legs so they stay soft and hydrated through the winter.

41. Natural Rubber Teething Toys | $19 each | Package Free Shop | ♻︎
No PVC or BPA here! These toys are made from natural rubber—safe for babies and biodegradable. Know anyone who had a baby in quarantine?

42. Construction Trucks | $17 | Green Toys | ♻︎
All Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic. For the little kiddo in your life that just LOVES cars.

43. Scrubbing Clay + Matcha Bundle | $24 | Cocokind | ♻︎
Packaged in recyclable jars and tubes made from sugarcane, this plant-based beauty duo uses upcycled coffee grounds from a local roaster. It’s designed to exfoliate and clarify and keep your mama friends lookin’ fineeeeee.

44. Kids Leggings & Graphic Tee | $16 each | Pact | ☺︎ ♻︎
Fair trade certified and made of organic cotton. Ideal for the kids that have so much energy they never stop moving (so, all of them…)!

45. Organic Cotton Baby Rattle | $18 | Earth Hero | ♻︎
Chemical-free cotton that’s safe for babies to play with and chew on. A super cute toy for the super cute baby in your life.

46. Kelsey Ruffle Tee | $42 | Elegantees | ☺︎
Sewn by sex trafficking survivors in Nepal, giving them opportunities for fair employment. This flowy tee is flattering, but also breathable for days spent chasing kids around.

47. Holiday Box | $49 | BumoBrain | =
Both BumoBrain owners are women of color, and these holiday activity boxes are perfect for kiddos age 1-6. Give those multitasking parents a little bit of a break!

Nathan Silicone Teething Necklace | $25 | Earth Hero | ♻︎ | *Not pictured but fun and functional!
Made of silicone and sustainable organic beechwood. Because 2020 mamas deserve to look stylish while being practical.

Gifts for the one takin’ hikes and ridin’ bikes

48. Window Solar USB Charger | $119 | Grouphug Solar | ♻︎ =
A personal solar panel to charge phones, created by a Guyanese-American female tech entrepreneur. Can be hang in a sunny window at home, used as an extra charger on long road trips, or when camping.

49. Targhee Waterproof Hiking Boot | $140 | Keen | ♡
Keen is actively working on becoming more sustainably made, but partners with The Conservation Alliance, Leave No Trace and Forest Park Conservation to help protect rivers, wild places and forests. Perfect for your tree-hugging hiker friend.

50. The Giving Bracelet | $7.50 | Boody | ♡
A cute bracelet that donates 100% of profits to Goodbye Malaria, an initiative started by African entrepreneurs. Because a mosquito bite shouldn’t kill you.

51. Luci Solar String Lights | $27 | MPOWERED | ♻︎ ♡
Solar-powered lights with a USB charging port that donates solar-powered lamps to communities around the world. Beautiful at home, or for glamping.

52. The Coffee Sock| $13 | Coffeesock | ♻︎ ☺︎
Makers in Austin, TX, all earn a living wage and the filter is reusable for a year or more and compostable. For zero-waste pour overs at the campsite (or just on the porch). *Make sure you get the right size filter for your giftee’s brewing setup!*

53. The Jack | $125 | Taylor Stitch | ♻︎ ☺︎
Ethically made from sustainable materials and built to last, but with free mending and repairs, just in case. For doing things like fishing or drinking beer by a campfire.

54. Jhuri Double Hanging Wood and Braided Jute Baskets | $55 | Hathorway |☺︎ ♻︎ ✂︎
Sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh. For the person who has turned their home into an indoor jungle. Can also be used as a hanging fruit basket for the healthy hippie in your life.

55. Ridgway Sunglasses | $149 | Zeal Optics | ♻︎ ♡
Zeal uses plant-based frames and lenses instead of fossil-fuel-based plastics, plus they plant trees for every sale through December. For the eco-conscious sunshine seeker. (P.S. They have ski goggles too)

56. Cosmic Blue (Retrograde Edition) Phone Case | $36 | Pela | ♻︎ ♡
A 100% compostable phone case that is truly protective. For the budding nature photographer who might have almost dropped their phone off a cliff once…or twice.

57. Clickbait Bundle | $40 | Goodfair | ♻︎
This bundle contains unique thrifted items in your chosen style and size, and helps reverse unsustainable consumerism by using #NoNewClothes. For the one who buys everything off of Facebook marketplace because it’s better for Mama Earth.

58. Reusable Drink Camping Kit | $58 | United by Blue | ♻︎
This kit removes 1 pound of trash from the oceans and the fabric is made from recycled polyester. That friend who’s gotten really into backpacking this year will love it.

59. Eco-Classic Avarcas | $89 | PONS | ☺︎ ♻︎
Handcrafted in Spain, the leather is sourced from ethically-raised livestock and the soles are made out of recycled rubber. Ideal for biking to the park or wandering by the sea.

60. Photo-Protective Daytime Routine | $83 | Mad Hippie | ♻︎ ♡
Packaged in plant-based tubes, this clean skincare brand donates to conservation efforts and partners with TerraCycle. Gift sun protection to keep your outdoorsy friend’s skin safe and un-burnt.

Gabriel sweater | $248 | L’envers | ☺︎ ♻︎ | *Not pictured, but a classic!
Made to last, crafted from eco-friendly Merino wool sourced and handmade at family-owned workshops in Spain. Warm enough for winter hikes, and perfectly cozy for working from home.

POINT Gift Guide Set:

Gift the nature lover in your life things to bring the outside in, and get themselves out and about. With durable clothing from Taylor Stitch, some solar string lights, and a coffee sock, their next outdoor adventure will be great.

Gifts for the ones protesting for social justice

61. Floral Frame Necklace | $49 | GLDN | ♻︎ ☺︎ ♡
Made ethically from recycled metals, this also funds organizations that defend human rights and empower communities. For the one who always looks dang good while volunteering or protesting.

62. Blanket in Heritage Granite | $125 | Sackcloth & Ashes | ♻︎ ☺︎ ♡
100% of profits from this recycled wool blanket collection (designed by Lehi ThunderVoice Eagle) go to the Soverign Bodies Institute to help Indigenous communities impacted by gender and sexual violence, PLUS a blanket is donated to a homeless shelter with each purchase. This blanket does it all—gift it to a friend who constantly goes above and beyond for others.

63. Nibble Bowls | $35 | Reve En Vert | ♻︎ ☺︎ ✂︎
Handcarved by members of the Makonde tribe in Tanzania—a skill passed down for generations. A gorgeous gift for the host who makes sure everyone always feels included.

64. Perfectly Imperfect Kit | $58-$78 | Elate Cosmetics | ♻︎
This brand uses NO plastic packaging, and these kits are discounted because there are slight imperfections, but no need for them to go to waste! Because even when we screw up, what counts is that we keep trying to make things better.

65. The Essentials | $70 | Yelle. Skincare | =
A black female-owned company with plant-based ingredients specifically created for melanin-rich skin. Gift it to your melanin-blessed friends and family to keep ’em looking dewy and amazing.

66. GiveDirectly Relief Candle | $28 | Ethics Supply Co. | ✂︎ ♡
Handpoured in California, 100% of profits go to GiveDirectly’s COVID-19 relief fund which donates money to SNAP families. For the one who wants to know they’re helping others, even when cozied up at home.

67. Free Angela Tee | $25 | Forgive Everyone Co. | ☺︎ ♡
This company hires formerly incarcerated folks, and donates 20% of profits to organizations working to help them successfully re-enter society. Gift it to the abolitionist in your life, or the person who marched with BLM all summer.

68. Defend our Parklands Tee | $36 | The Parks Project | ♻︎ ♡
Each item from them donates to conservation and education programs to preserve our national parks, and their manufacturers use solar and sustainable practices. For the one who knows that environmental justice IS social justice.

69. Stay Woke Candle | $40 | Maktub Studio | ♻︎ =
100% of profits go to Black Lives Matter and Color of Change, and it supports a hella creative black-owned natural candle shop. Ideal for your friend who plays “Redbone” on repeat, or who’s obsessed with Donald Glover (so, basically everyone).

70. Overnight Detox Oil | $50 | Caudalie | ♻︎ ♡
This brand commits 1% for the planet, plants trees, and uses 100% natural ingredients. For the ones who call out toxic and harmful behaviors—to get pollution toxins out of their skin.

71. People Over Profit Unisex Sweatshirt | $38 | The Happy Givers | ♡
This shirt funds ongoing relief work in Puerto Rico (remember Hurricane Maria?), a children’s home in Peru, and adoption support in Ethiopia. Your friend who fights for social justice will love you for this.

Gifts for the constant Zoom-er and Tiktok-er

72. Coffee Break | $22 | Glo Through It | ✂︎ =
Handmade and Black owned, 100% soy wax candles come in containers meant to be reused. To remind your friend who stares at screens all day to get up and take a coffee break, and maybe even a walk.

73. Herringbone Phoebe Dress | $92 | Synergy | ♻︎ ☺︎
This B Corp uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and factories to ensure dignified work and high-quality products. Gift to the person who wants to still look professional while staying cozy at home.

74. Refillable Trio | $58 | The Rebrand | ♻︎
They provide details for all their products that shows all of their ingredients are sustainably harvested and sourced, plus, keep the cute bottles and just order refills when they’re out. Recommended for the one who wants to look radiant without any makeup on.

75. Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint | $28 | ILIA Beauty | ♻︎
Nontoxic ingredients in returnable packaging, ILIA also recycles any and every other brand of makeup packaging through TerraCycle. Perfect for the friend who’s been going on virtual dates.

76. Mika Diamond Earrings | $80 | Bagatiba | ♻︎ ☺︎
From their eco-friendly line of sustainable jewelry, plus they have a ‘Closed Loop Cycle’ initiative where people can send in unwanted jewelry for a discount on their products. Ideal for the person who wants to make a good impression, even through a screen.

77. Double Hugger | $36 | Baleen | ♻︎ ✂︎
Handmade in their zero-waste studio from recycled metals. Ideal for the friend who still wants to look nice for work, with minimal effort.

78.Cusp Brass Ponytail Cover | $34 | Favor | ✂︎ ♻︎
Handmade in Portland, Favor uses recycled metals and donates old tools to a local arts charity. A great gift to elevate the classic quarantine ponytail.

79. Fire & Spice Balmies | $36 | Axiology | ♻︎
Full-sized lipsticks without the tube, packaged in a post-consumer recycled box—can also be used on cheeks and eyelids. Uber versatile for the friend that goes from Zoom to Tiktok to Insta then back to Zoom.

80. Robyn Dip Dye Wide Leg Pant | $55 | Yes And | ♻︎ ☺︎
All fabrics are GOTS-certified which ensures sustainability for organic textiles and ensures high labor standards. Gift to your trendy friend who has been learning all the Tiktok dances.

81. Gingersnap Face Scrub | $15 | Ethique | ♻︎
No plastic packaging here! Made with non-toxic ingredients, this gently exfoliating scrub is great for the one who takes selfies during WFH meetings—but only if the lighting is right.

82. Dilluns Top | $80 | Oh Seven Days | ♻︎ ☺︎
Ethically handmade from deadstock fabrics. Tell your friend to put this on, grab a book, post up by the fire, then ‘gram it. Straight cozy vibes.

83. Meri Jumpsuit | $112 | Leze the Label | ♻︎ | *Not pictured but hella stylish
Made with recycled fish nets, it’s cute enough for work and cozy enough for a Netflix sesh. For the one who used to *actually* pull off the whole day-to-night thing.

Gifts for the one who’s been doing 80s home workout videos

84. Lilypad Votive 3-pack | $30 | Newly | ♻︎ ✂︎
Handmade from 100% recycled glass. To give your yogi friend some ~ ambiance ~ for their practice.

85. Maha Yoga Towel | $20 | Prana | ♻︎
Made sustainably out of recycled polyester. Real great for the person who sweats like, a lot a lot—or the one who does hot yoga.

86. Men’s or Women’s Wool Runners | $135 men, $95 women | Allbirds | ♻︎ ☺︎
Made of biodegradable and ethically sourced wool + recycled materials. Ideal for running for miles, or running to pick up takeout on a cheat day.

87. Recycled Cashmere Beanie | $75 | Organic Basics | ♻︎ ☺︎
Organic Basics is a brand we adore, they go above and beyond to be sustainable and even offer free carbon neutral worldwide shipping available. Perfect for the one who likes to exercise outside.

88. Blessings of the Moon Goddess Forest Fiber Top | $59 | Purusha People | ☺︎ ♻︎
Ethically produced from plastic-free renewable fibers. Gift to your favorite yogi to bless their skin and their practice.

89. Classic Jogger | $90 | Mate the Label | ☺︎ ♻︎
Sustainably and ethically made with GOTS-certified organic cotton (the most rigorous certification out there). For the person who has been working out a ton…and the person who just wants you to THINK they are.

90. Cork Roller | $48 | Reve En Vert | ♻︎
Biodegradable cork replaces the usual plastic foam in this roller. Because we all have someone who makes a point to tell us how sore they are after good workouts.

91. Sore Muscle Bath Salts | $20 | Package Free Shop | ♻︎
This all-natural bath soak is packaged in fully recyclable or reusable materials. For muscle recovery, or just some R&R.

92. Good Day Water Bottle | $28 | Tree Tribe | ♻︎ ♡
A reusable insulate bottle with a lifetime guarantee that also plants a tree. Gift to the one who’s always telling you to drink more water.

93. Cosmic Glow Face Mask | $32 | Moon Bath Ritual | ☺︎ ♻︎ ♡
Crafted with Ayurvedic botanicals in Colorado, their products support United Plant Savers to protect native medicinal plants. So your workout buddy keeps that post-workout glowing skin throughout the day.

94. Echo Keyhole Top | $72 | Wolven | ♻︎ ☺︎
Recycled bottles get new life as patterned activewear that’s responsibly made in certified factories. Because the workout ‘fit has to be posted to the ‘gram since no one is seeing them at the gym these days.

95. Nail Polish in Whiskey | $12 | The Tart Peach | ✂︎ ♻︎
Hand-poured in Columbus, OH, and free from the 10 most toxic chemicals in most nail polishes. Perfect for the one who’s hyper-aware of everything they put in/on their body.

96. SilverTech Active Long Sleeve | $98 | Organic Basics | ♻︎ ☺︎
Ethically made out of recycled fibers and even recycled silver salt to prevent odors. Great for the man in your life who wants to get in a quick workout but doesn’t want to have to change after.

POINT Gift Guide Set:

Take care of your friends who are taking care of their bodies. Combine the cork roller, bath salts, and water bottle to revive them after a tough workout!

Happy shopping! From everyone at POINT, we wish you a safe, healthy, and heartwarming holiday season. Remember—wear a mask 😷 (yes, especially around family), wash ya hands, and be kind to everyone!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 🎄 🕎 🎁 ❄️ ✨

The POINT team

P.S. If you have any suggestions for next year’s ethical gift guide, please email Lindsey, our Head of Communications, at lindsey@pointapp.org! She would LOVE to chat ethical and sustainable products with you!

Thanks to our friend Sasha Bohn for design help in this year’s guide!

Photo Lindsey Schad
Lindsey Schad
Head of Communication Team

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.