Food for Thought: France First to Ban Supermarket Waste

“France became the first nation in the world to ban supermarkets from wasting food under a new law this month,” shared Tuesday by USA Today.

According to multiple reports, the law went into effect this last week after being passed through France’s national assembly in December, as the legislation was first reported early 2015. 

An exceptional point to acknowledge is that the passage of the law is the culmination of grassroots efforts that began with Arash Derambarsh, a local councillor who “kickstarted the fight against food waste”, according to The Guardian. 

As noted by the Guardian, Derambarsh had more than his fair share of backlash; in the face of being told of his apparent naivety and lofty idealism, he moved forward still, determined to persuade the EU to adopt similar legislation across its member states now that it has successfully found its place in France. 

Food that was once purposefully destroyed or made inaccessible now will be purposed for distribution to food banks and charity centers through donation contracts between supermarkets 400 sq. meters or more in size and local organizations. An increase said to possibly contribute to the provision of 10 million more meals a year. 

10 million. 

Now there’s something to chew on. 

It was having once known what it is like to go hungry that Arash Derambarsh spearheaded this fight against hunger and poverty in his suburb, and the decisive actions he took to see it through that his own country now upholds his goal as law. 

Imagine for a moment the landscape of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals if absent of individuals like this.

It truly does begin with one. One person, one idea, one voice, one step. 

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