Got New Year’s Goals?

We made it! This year is going to be amazing; we just know it! 😌 With a new year comes hope, dreams, and big goals! But did you know that research has shown that 91% of us won’t achieve our new year’s resolutions? Yeah, not great. We have high hopes for a new year/new me, but in reality, our goals can be vague and overcomplicated, irrelevant to our lives, and lack routine to keep us accountable. This is where volunteering can have a huge impact! Finding opportunities to help things you care about is easier than ever with POINT. Here are four ways to participate with your community AND achieve your goals. It’s a win-win situation.

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Improving Health

  • Want to run more? Volunteer with your local Girls on the Run or Let Me Run chapter. You will be helping young people connect to running in safe and supportive environments. 
  • Want to eat healthier? Get involved with a local food rescue program. Not only will you be helping rescue good food and save it from being tossed in landfills, but many orgs will also share with you how to cook healthy meals at home. 
  • Want to improve your mental health? Volunteering really can help! You take action for community needs which is way better for your brain than doomscrolling, you form new connections, and you help others which gets your endorphins flowing.
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Making New Friends

  • Want to connect with others? Volunteering is the perfect place to meet new people. You could start a Girl Scout troop, tutor kids, help refugee families learn English, and more! Every time you volunteer, you meet people in your community who care about similar things.
  • Want to help build community? Nothing changes a community for the better like volunteering. Whether you’re organizing a food or clothing drive, securing the safety of your neighbors, or cleaning up your streets, volunteering creates and cultivates a community that cares.
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Learning New Skills

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Being Outside More

  • Want to go on more hikes? Get involved with a local trail clean-up nonprofit, volunteer with a conservation organization, or partner with a local nonprofit to help lead hikes for kids who don’t have easy access to the outdoors.
  • Want to get back into sports? Pickleball is on the rise, and you can find a local place to play here. Maybe tennis is more your thing; check out your local community tennis associations. Nonprofits really do serve every interest; if there is a certain sport you enjoy, there is a nonprofit helping others find that same interest.
  • Check out the upcoming volunteer opportunities on POINT!
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There are so many ways that volunteering in 2023 can help you meet your New Year’s goals.

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