#hallowinning costume ideas

You’re not too old to dress up. And if you’re going to dress up, might as well win at it amirite. I mean, these are good…

Exhibit A: The all-out approach v. Exhibit B: the lowest effort approach

…but this is how you win at Halloween:

Add a cause to your costume. Ask people you encounter at the bars to donate. Or just tote a jar that says “Money for ______” with you and casually wink at people to drop change in. 

We’ve come up with some ideas to get you started…

1. Dress up as an animal and raise money for a shelter. 

For example, my friend and I are going as bats to raise money for the Tolga Bat Hospital which rescues endemic Flying Fox bats. But you could easily turn the typical all black outfit with cat ears costume into a way to raise money for the Humane Society.

Or Harambee (RIP) and raise money for the African Wildlife Foundation. BOOM.

2. Dress up as an musical character and benefit relevant cause. 

Example A – Annie from Annie, obviously, and raise money for orphanages.

Example B – any of the characters from West Side Story and give the money to an organization working against gang violence.

Example C – Roger, Mimi, Tom, or Angel from Rent and raise donations for health organizations fighting HIV/AIDS.

3. Dress up as an inanimate object to raise money for project-centered charities. 

Water drops give to charity : water, flowerpots to community garden initiatives, books to education, your favorite food (🌮 ) to hunger-fighting orgs, tents to refugee camps… get creative here. 

We’ve linked a few of our favorite charities here, but don’t worry, with POINT App you will be able to easily find even more reputable charities you can trust. Sign up for our waitlist here, and follow us on social media (insta, twitter, and snap @pointapp).

Snap a pic of your rockin’ costume and tell us why you’re passionate about the cause in the caption, then tag us and use #Hallowinning for a chance to be featured on our page! (ALSO… tell us if you got a date after….)

Here’s to your best Halloween costume yet, 
Lindsey Schad
Blog Contributor

Slideshow picture credits:

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bat – sheknows.com;

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all others via pinterest.com

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.