Here’s a super easy guide to voting in the USA

oting gives you the right to complain. So if you love to complain (or just exercize your freedom handed to you as a right that people died for #guilttrip) voting is for you.
Also if you don’t want to read this… google will walk you through it.

STEP 1: Find out if you can vote

a. Be a US citizen
b. Be registered to vote in Ohio by Oct 11. Check if you’re registered. (Here’s a nationwide list)
c. Will you be 18 by November 8th, 2016 (aka Election Day)? Congrats, you can vote, friend! 
d. Live at an Ohio address by Oct 9 (or check that handy list again for out-of-staters)

STEP 2: Find out who’s on the ballot here and what the issues are here

➡️ You can even play a game to find your candidate match

➡️ iSideWith: America’s most popular voting guide for elections, political issues, candidates, and poll data iSideWith shows which political parties, candidates, and ballot initiatives match your beliefs based on the 2016 issues that are most important to you.

STEP 3: Do you want to vote early? 

➡️ Yes? Find out where you can vote early here
     ( Yes, you can vote today instead of tomorrow! #lines)
➡️ No? Skip this step. But not the lines. 

STEP 4: Find out your voting location here

➡️ If you are trying to vote absentee, the day is November 4th and it’s too late to apply. But if you have your absentee ballot send it by today, November 7th.

(P.S.A. You cannot vote by text, email, hashtag… you have to go physically and vote). 

STEP 5: Go to vote and bring your ID

➡️ Depending on where you live, the polls may be open at 6am or 7am, and open until about 12-13 hours later. You’re going to want to get that straight, so check for your window here.

Bring one of the following with you to vote:

a. An unexpired driver’s license or ID
b. An unexpired photo ID issued by your state or the US government that includes your name and current address
c. A military ID
d. A current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, or government check that includes your name and current address
e. Any government document that shows your name and address

STEP 5.1: Share a picture of you with your voting sticker.

Pic or it didn’t happen 😉

And there you have it. 



No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.