Charities: How to get millennials to like your nonprofit

Focus on Experience

Millennials are all about experiences. That’s why most of them are obsessed with travel and brunch. The easiest way for your nonprofit to win them over is to think “experience is everything.” We put together some tips on how to make that happen.

1. Remove Barriers

Millennials can do just about everything from their phone: book a room in Spain, order food, even buy and sell stock. To compete for their attention, charitable organizations need to be mobile, with the least number of hurdles possible to get from interest to action. The easier the process, the more likely people are to volunteer regularly and introduce more people to your organization. That’s why we built POINT, to make this process seamless and easy.

2. Be Succinct

Breaking down information into must-know sound bites makes it more easily digestible. Think BuzzFeed-style. While volunteers may not need to know the entire history of your organization right off the bat, they will want to know your mission and why the tasks they will be doing help the mission. The primary information they see about your organization should be these key things, with directions or links for how they can find out more.

3. Greet them

Millennials get a bad rap for doing everything online instead of in real life, but when they go to volunteer they expect to make meaningful, personal connections. We recommend having a greeter at the door when they walk in to make sure they know how to get started and what they can expect that day. This is a worthy role a more seasoned volunteer can play in your organization, as it immediately helps newer volunteers feel at ease and connected. You can call your greeter a “POINT person.” 😉

4. Play music

Want to know one of the most common complaints we hear from millennial volunteers? No music playing at events! Walking in to a silent room is uncomfortable, and it discourages conversation between new volunteers who may be nervous or somewhat shy. There’s a simple, classic fix to this: radio. Pump up the jams and let the awkward-dance-move-infused mingling commence! 

5. Respect their time

Make your events important to your cause, they want to work on things meaningful for you. If tasks are created just for the sake of having tasks for them to do, or filling time, consider adjusting the time to inject some meaning. A BYOB info night, behind-the-scenes tour, or Q&A session can help your volunteers to feel they’re there for a reason that’s truly helpful.

The reality of it is, we know you’re plenty likable. It’s all about translating what you already do so well into what comes so naturally and instantaneously to your volunteers. Thank you for using POINT to do just that. See you out there! 


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.