How to help Austin, Texas after the Winter Storm

The Texas Winter Storm has left Austin residents needing help like never before. Want to volunteer or donate? Keep reading.

If you live in the Midwest (like our POINT HQ team) or New England, the snowstorms and freezing cold temperatures probably aren’t anything new to you. However for Southern states, their infrastructure and people were hit with a Storm they couldn’t have prepared for.

If you want to help but need a starting point (pun intended!), check out ways to help below.

P.S. Climate change is SCARY. Read more about what’s going on and how to help here.

What’s going on in Austin, TX?

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The current Austin (and Texas) situation is complicated, but the gist of the problem is Texas has a separate power grid from the rest of the US. In non-emergency times, this is really positive because it keeps prices low. Unfortunately, the power grid isn’t set up well for emergencies. Like…a huge snow storm. So now, millions of Texans are left without power or heat. Read more here from NPR on how the state’s power grid is affecting Texans.

But like most disasters, there are even more complicating issues. Buildings and homes aren’t built with the same insulation as the North, people don’t know safe ways to deal with extreme cold, grocery stores are out of supplies, and cities are unable (or inexperienced) in clearing roads from ice. For example, a monumental 130 car pile up happened in Fort Worth in which 6 people lost their lives.

Now that the storm has ended, there are thousands of homes and families that need support to repair damage on top of the stresses that COVID has caused.

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How to help in Austin, TX after the winter storm:

Nonprofits are always reacting quickly to solve crisis in our community. Right now, Austin nonprofits need people-power and cash.

We get it, Austin’s Winter Storm is the news we scroll through. But remember, a little goes a long way to those experiencing crisis. The good news is, you can donate $$ to critically needed aid funds no matter how far away. Scroll below to see our suggestions of nonprofits to donate to.

Become a Crisis Volunteer with Austin nonprofits:

If you live in Austin and have the opportunity to volunteer after this winter storm, you are needed. The City of Austin is organizing volunteers and you can enter your contact information here. They’ll contact you with ways to help. Similarly, you can become a volunteer with the Austin Disaster Relief Network. When you volunteer you’ll jump into clean-up efforts, clearing homes and removing debris. To start, this requires a little bit of training but they really need help!

Help Meals on Wheels Central Texas get food to people shut in their homes. Sign up on POINT to help out from 9am – 11am on:

Check out other volunteer opportunities in Austin here and read more about Austin nonprofits here.

Donate to local Austin nonprofits:

Austin Disaster Relief Network: ADRN supports Texans affected by the storm by providing gift cards, emergency housing, and supplies for short- and long-term needs. Give here to the ADRN General Relief Fund if you’re able.

Austin Pets Alive!: We can’t forget all of the cats, dogs, and other furry (and scaly!) companions. Austin Pets Alive! is working hard to make sure our animal friends have shelter, food, and water. Donate $$ here or check out their supplies wishlist here.

American Red Cross of Central & South Texas: You probably know the Red Cross for blood donations. But did you realize how much they support disaster and crisis relief? Donate to help staff and volunteers respond to Central Texas needs.

Austin Area Urban League: Check out the Love Thy Neighbor Texas campaign to raise funds for housing insecure communities. Donate to help fund emergency equipment, hotels, water, clothing, and food.

Front Steps: Have any extra blankets? Front Steps, a homeless resources nonprofit, is hosting a blanket drive. Learn more here.

Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center: is collecting coats, sleeping bags, and other winter weather clothing to distribute over the weekend. Check out their Amazon wishlist here.

Don’t forget to check out our friends at Amplify Austin on March 4-5 for more ways to donate.

Why Trust us at POINT?

Glad you asked! We built POINT as a tool for community organizations. During crisis relief efforts, people can quickly find and sign up for volunteer events for community needs, and nonprofits, businesses, schools, and other organizations can collaborate on one platform. Furthermore, POINT mobilizes communities to meet needs in a crisis can be done efficiently, saving time and maximizing resources.

Want to bring free volunteer management technology to nonprofits in Austin, TX to help organize volunteers during crisis? Invite them to join POINT here.

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