How to help during Coronavirus

A letter from our CEO

When the world gets turned upside down, local needs get WAYYYY more important.

I want you to know POINT is here for you, and we’re here for our city. We’ve got ways for you to help nonprofits while they help those most likely to be affected by Coronavirus. While our lives may feel out of control, we are also asking ourselves: “How can I do more good right now?” This week our team has worked hard to give you a starting point (yes, pun intended) to do more good and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Simply put, let’s take care of each other. 

If you’re wondering, “What can I do to help nonprofits in my community during the Coronavirus outbreak?”
Keep reading.

1. Donate to local nonprofits on POINT:

THAT’S RIGHT! Our developers stayed up all night to give you a way to find and give to local nonprofits on POINT. Our local nonprofits are going to be hit with unexpectedly high costs and are on overdrive to meet the needs of families in our community.

This is a necessary time to give. Here’s how donating on POINT works:

If you live in Columbus here are some suggestions:

To provide kids with free meals, support: Children’s Hunger Alliance, SON Ministries
To send some love to seniors in Columbus: Central Ohio Agency on Aging, Gladden Community House

2. You can still volunteer for the community, but safely:

  • Please volunteer with caution: If you feel you may be susceptible to COVID-19, or if you feel at all sick, please stay home. For your own health, but also to protect the people you come into contact with. We’ve asked nonprofits to cancel large group opportunities but there are still ways you can help on POINT, like packing food for families! POINT is following recommendations set forth by the Ohio Department of Public Health, Columbus Public Health and the CDC.
  • Do more good from home: Check the events page on POINT to find ways to help that don’t involve being in public, such as webinars, letter writing, or food/gift card donations.
  • Take care of your people: When we help out each other, agencies don’t have to jump in.  Babysit your friend’s kids so they can make it to work, tip over and above, go on a walk, buy gift cards from your local spots, check on your nurse and doctor friends, make sure the seniors in your life (even your friend’s grandparents) have supplies to stay at home. 

Let’s do more good (however we can), be kind to each other and spread the positivity our entire world needs. 

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Wash your hands and we love you,
Photo Madison Mikhail
Madison Mikhail
CEO & Founder at POINT

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.