How to Write a Compelling Volunteer Posting

write a compelling volunteer posting
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One of the crucial steps to engage potential volunteers is to create a captivating volunteer posting. By adopting an action-based approach and pretending you are talking to someone unfamiliar with your nonprofit, you can write a compelling volunteer posting that stands out from the rest.

Start with a Powerful Introduction to your Nonprofit

Imagine meeting someone who knows little or nothing about your nonprofit. Begin your volunteer posting by crafting a compelling introduction that quickly conveys the purpose and impact of your organization. Clearly state the problem you are addressing, the goals you aim to achieve, and the positive change you aspire to create. By capturing attention from the outset, you can create an emotional connection and spark curiosity.

Example: “Do you want to make a tangible difference in the lives of underprivileged children? Join our nonprofit organization, ‘Bright Futures,’ as we work to provide quality education and empower children to break free from the cycle of poverty.”

Outline the Specific Volunteer Role Duties

To engage potential volunteers, it’s crucial to clearly define the specific role they will play within your organization. Highlight the tasks, responsibilities, and skills required for the volunteer position. Be concise and avoid jargon or internal terminology that may confuse someone unfamiliar with your nonprofit.

Example: “As a volunteer with ‘Bright Futures,’ you will support our after-school tutoring program by assisting students with homework, providing one-on-one mentorship, and organizing educational activities. No teaching experience is required, but patience, empathy, and a passion for education are essential.”

Showcase the Impact Volunteers Can Have

People want to know that their time and effort will make a real difference. Paint a vivid picture of the impact volunteers can have by illustrating success stories or statistics that demonstrate the positive outcomes your nonprofit achieves. Highlight the tangible benefits that volunteers will bring to the lives of those you serve.

Example: “By dedicating just a few hours each week, you will help struggling students improve their academic performance, boost their self-confidence, and unlock their full potential. Last year, our dedicated volunteers helped over 200 students improve their grades by an average of two grade levels.”

Emphasize the Personal Growth

Volunteering is a mutually beneficial experience, offering personal growth and development opportunities for volunteers themselves. Write a compelling volunteer posting that highlights the skills and knowledge volunteers can gain through their involvement with your organization. Emphasize how volunteering can enhance their resume, expand their network, and provide valuable hands-on experience in a meaningful cause.

Example: “By joining ‘Bright Futures,’ you will gain valuable teaching and mentorship experience, sharpen your interpersonal and communication skills, and become part of a diverse and supportive community of like-minded individuals passionate about education.”

End with a Call to Action

Conclude your volunteer posting with a clear call to action that prompts potential volunteers to take the next step. Provide contact information, a link to an online application form, or any other instructions to facilitate their engagement. Make it easy for interested individuals to reach out and express their interest.

Example: “Ready to make a lasting impact? Sign up here to volunteer!” Make it SUPER easy with POINT! Learn more.

When writing a volunteer posting, it’s essential to adopt an action-based approach and speak as though you are addressing someone who is unfamiliar with your nonprofit. By following these tips, you can create a compelling volunteer opportunity that attracts the right individuals and motivates them to join your cause. Remember to capture attention from the beginning, outline the role clearly, showcase the impact, emphasize personal growth, and provide a clear call to action. With a well-crafted volunteer posting, you can inspire potential volunteers to become enthusiastic supporters of your organization’s mission.

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