Dear Indiegogo Supporters, POINT is out.

2 years ago, you contributed in raising $20k for POINT. Today, you can hit download.

There’s some things you should know: 

#1 Check your email

POINT is out on Apple’s Test Flight program. It’s like where baby apps live and grow before they move out to the app store. We sent you instructions on how to download the POINT beta app. 

#2 POINT is the easiest way to volunteer…

We first pitched the idea of making a centralized “point” for charity… everything in one place. But we had to start somewhere, so we chose to do volunteering after listening to many of you (and data). We’ll add more features (like giving) later. Sooooo, check POINT to see what’s going on in Columbus and make sure to keep checking back because more opportunities are added when there’s need. 

#2.5 … in Columbus 

POINT is launching in Columbus first. (No other city). Though our team is both in San Francisco and Columbus, we decided Columbus was the better option to go with first. We’ll add other cities later – if you want POINT to be available in your city. Let us know here. 

#3 We’re pulling charities out of the stone age

We knew that charities were understaffed and overworked but we didn’t know how much of a help POINT could be if we just updated their technology a bit. We’re integrating geo location (like Uber and Lyft) to check in volunteers. We have a string of other updates coming to charities that can save them at least 5 hours a week on managing volunteers. (This is what we’re most excited about). 

#4 We need your feedback

Use the app and show up to the event opportunities on the app! If you ever see something that seems like a bug – screen shot the problem and fill out this form. Remember, this is our beta app.  (Some of you came last year to help us test the alpha version on the app and that was incredibly helpful. We do listen and make changes on what you have to say). 

#5 Thank you

You’re the best. We honestly mean it. 


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.