8 Great Reasons to Invest in a Volunteer Management System

A volunteer management system (VMS) is a software solution designed to help nonprofits manage their volunteer program. Unlike other management systems focusing on donors and tracking relationships, a VMS is specifically designed to help with recruitment, management, engagement, and reporting for the volunteer program.

Here are 8 great reasons to invest in a volunteer management system:

1) Streamline Management

A VMS helps manage your volunteers more efficiently. With all your volunteer information in one place, you can easily keep track of hours, shifts, volunteer interests, and more. This information can be used to deepen relationships and identify ways to engage new or lapsed volunteers.

2) Secure Data 

Volunteer management software provides organizations with a centralized, secure database to store their data. This makes it easy for staff and volunteers to access the information they need when they need it.

Choose a VMS that:

  • Is hosted on an encrypted server
  • Has data is transferred using secure HTTPS protocol and encrypted via transport layer security (TLS) by default
  • Is PA-DSS compliant to securely process credit cards and handle sensitive payment information

POINT offers all of this security. We have a free version with tools to help any nonprofit, especially smaller organizations, and a paid Pro version that offers advanced tools for larger nonprofits. Compare plans and pricing here.

3) Find New Donors

A study by Fidelity found that volunteers donate 10x more than non-volunteers, meaning that creating great volunteer experiences is critical to sustaining a healthy level of donor support into the future. In addition, a VMS that integrates with a donor management program or provides ways for volunteers to donate (either financially or through registries) makes giving more accessible.

4) Improved Planning and Management

A VMS keeps track of all your volunteer details in one place, including dates, times, hours, contact information, and more. Having this information in one place and accessible can help you and others on your team ensure that logistics are covered and that volunteers are communicated with appropriately.

5) Save Time

The right VMS can automate manual tasks, saving a lot of time. For example, instead of manually confirming signups and sending reminder emails, you can save hours with automation. This allows you to focus on mission-critical tasks like partnership building!

Did you know POINT saves volunteer admins an average of 6+ hours per week? Read about how POINT saved Jess 15 hours per week here.

6) Grow Your Community

A VMS is a powerful tool for engaging with volunteers. Tracking interests and involvement enables you to target communications toward volunteers who are more likely to sign up. You can also use the VMS to build engagement strategies to move people from low to high participation.

7) Reporting

You get greater visibility of the impact of your volunteer program with a VMS. Run reports and track the economic impact of your volunteer efforts, helping to make strategic decisions, create annual reports, and report back to funders and donors.

8) Improve Community Relationships

There are so many incredible ways to build community relationships! Engage people as donors, volunteers, or board members. With information on your contacts tracked all in the same database, a VMS helps you stay on top of how everyone wants to be involved. A good VMS can help you build relationships with other organizations, so you can increase your impact.

We think tech companies have left nonprofits behind. Community leaders tell us all the time that they haven’t had access to tools built for their mission and needs. Instead, you had to operate your volunteer force with spreadsheets, solutions hacked together, or by paying big $$$$ for not-so-great tech. No longer! POINT is on a mission to break down barriers and make tech accessible!

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Brandy Strand
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