It’s (Y)our Year

Talk about mixed feelings. This Monday is about as mixed as they come. The first, freshest Monday of the year, yes – but also day one of what may be your first full week back at work or school. If it is, kudos. And may the coffee be ever in your favor.


As for us at POINT, 2015 sauntered in with all the sensitivity of the Running of the Bulls. It truly was the year of the grind. With its challenges and resounding joys, we are so glad 2015 happened the way it did; we are also glad to see it go.

might’ve been that time the blog coordinator was without a personal computer. sorry about that. 

Not that 2015 was a perpetual walk through the development trenches – far from it! It was a fantastic year of development and growth; but 2016 just so happens to be the year of POINT app’s release and for that we could not be more excited.

The HQ team, development team, blog team, rep team, our outstanding board, coordinators, and all those who’ve helped along the way have done and continue to do the work it takes to bring POINT to life.

2016 is our year. More importantly, it is YOUR year. The year that ushers in the Social Media for Charity. POINT is the two-way charity conversation hub to host your passions, ideas and events, all while keeping in touch with the organizations and causes you care about.

POINT is good made simple.

There’s a couple of ways to join us!

1. Text “@pointapp” to the phone number 81010. You’ll be added to our not-so-secret club of people to get POINT first. You want to be one of those people.

2. Click here to get on the wait list. No spam, just a dance party-inducing reminder of when POINT is ready to go.

Keep up with us on social media! IG, Twitter, Snapchat all @pointapp. My personal recommendation is at least Snapchat. For reasons that will be obvious.

Cheers to 2016!
Photo Adrienne Bingham
Adrienne Bingham
Blog Coordinator

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.