Level up your KonMari

We LOVE that everyone is out here getting their life together🎉 Bless you, Marie Kondo, for showing us all how we can live with less but feel so much better. Just remember, when you are going though your closet/kitchen/junk drawer that those items that no longer spark joy don’t need to be wasted.

We’ve got ideas for how you can level up your tidying up.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
  1. SINGLE-USE PLASTICS DO👏 NOT 👏 SPARK JOY! EVER! Tidy up your habits, and delete single-use plastics from your life (or at least cut wayyy back). The stats on plastics are not pretty. Easy alternatives:• Bring your own tumbler or coffee mug • Say ‘no’ to straws and plastic utensils or bring your own • Be conscious about the things you buy that come in a single-use container (i.e. those adorable but wasteful plastic honey bears). • Choose non-plastic alternatives when possible. Make sure what you do use gets recycled.
  2. DON’T THROW OUT WHAT YOU CAN REUSE. Cleaning out your closet feels so good, but make sure those clothes get a second life. Did you know it takes ~5,000 gallons of water just to produce a t-shirt and jeans? And the average consumer will throw out 70 lbs of clothing annually😱 Instead of wasting water and growing our trash mountains, why not host a clothing swap with friends? Donate what doesn’t get claimed. Or you can take your old clothes to H&M for their textile recycling program, and bring any ol’ jeans to Madewell (they turn it into affordable housing insulation) to get $20 off a new pair of denim beauts.
  3. DONATE YOUR USED GOODS! Find that Snuggie you lost 5 years ago? A homeless shelter would love to have it. Blankets, towels, bedding and hygiene items can be donated to a shelter and clothing, furniture, books, and home appliances can all be donated to Goodwill. A family who’s pinching pennies would love to have that crockpot you bought but never actually use, just sayin’.
  4. GET CRAFTY WITH IT. There are endless ways to re-use things that no longer spark joy in their current form.Dreamy DIYs:• Turn old tank tops into cute totes by just sewing the waistline hem shut• Cut off sweater sleeves and use them as leg warmers or to line your rain boots• Turn old t-shirts into sentimental pillowcases, or if they are in bad shape, cut them up to use as cleaning rags.
  5. HELP OTHERS SPARK (RESPONSIBLE) JOY IN THEIR OWN LIVES Tidying up your space and being responsible for what you own and how you use what you have is great, but it’s even better if you can help your friends and family do the same. Sharing how you are tidying up sustainably will inspire others to do the same.
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

When you are looking to buy something from now on, we have an additional KonMari question you should ask yourself. Ask “Does it spark joy for me? And did this spark joy for all the people who helped make it?”

When people are paid fairly for their labor, creating great products and going to work can spark joy. But when a product is made by exploiting people or the planet, that doesn’t spark joy for anyone involved.

If the product doesn’t have information about how it was made, it probably wasn’t ethically-produced.

There are so many lessons we’ve learned from Marie Kondo that can be applied in a way that is good for your community and the environment.

Use tidying up as an excuse to #domoregood.

Happy Cleaning!


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.