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When we created POINT, we talked to hundreds of nonprofits. They told us that they’d been paying thousands for clunky tools that didn’t fully meet their needs and were ignored by tech companies when experiencing issues. It quickly became what sets POINT apart—we see, hear and act on what community leaders tell us they need. Revolutionary, we know.

Our mission is to build *amazing* tools specifically for nonprofit leaders. To find volunteers faster and grow their capacity to do more good in their communities. POINT is the easiest way to recruit, manage, engage, and mobilize volunteers. We give kick-ass, free tech to nonprofits so you can grow your impact.

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Community needs are at an all-time high thanks to pandemics, inflation, climate change, racism, crumbling infrastructure, and looming recessions. But the community heroes we rely on to keep us going need better tools to meet those needs.

Believe it or not, the nonprofit industry employs 1 in 10 Americans, making it the 3rd largest workforce in the U.S. And an overwhelming majority of these employees are women. These women are often underpaid and overworked, supporting their community in ways that go beyond their job descriptions. And, nonprofits spend hours doing tedious tasks that could be automated with the right tools. That’s a recipe for burnout. We’re here to help.

Even though nonprofits make up the backbone of our community, the stress is unsustainable: 45% of nonprofit employees are looking to change jobs within 5 years. Plus, the Society for Human Resource Management reports that the voluntary turnover rate for nonprofit organizations is 19%. And volunteers can’t fill this turnover gap, as 80% of nonprofits have challenges recruiting and managing volunteers.

Nonprofits struggle with employee retention and volunteer management, plus they can’t keep up with increasing demand, all because they don’t have the right resources. We think that’s whack.

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Nonprofits need better, affordable tech to grow capacity & meet demand. POINT isn’t just an app— we’re is a collaborative volunteer platform that brings people power and free tech to local nonprofits. Think Eventbrite meets Salesforce… for free.

POINT’s app and cloud-based volunteer management dashboard is the easiest system for your organization to find and manage volunteers. Curious? Sign up here!

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Find volunteers to boost your people power with POINT

Expand your recruitment reach to bring in fresh faces, and do it without lifting a finger! (Well, you do technically have to lift a finger, but that’s it.) Plus, we know volunteers come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of tech fluency, so we made options to engage all of them:

Engage current volunteers with POINT

Volunteer recruitment is tough. You can only do so much outreach with limited time and budgets. Luckily for you, we built POINT to ease the process of recruiting new volunteers and keeping your current volunteers engaged! We help you meet people where they are—even those constantly scrolling on their phones (lookin’ at you, Gen Z).

Our mobile app shows your events to all POINT users in your area who are interested in your causes and pins your events at the top of your regular volunteers’ feeds to keep your organization top of mind. And if we could toot our own horn for a second, we are pretty good at keeping our users engaged compared to other volunteer recruitment platforms: more than 80% of events on POINT have volunteers sign up.

Free data management for nonprofits

Our POINT dashboard for nonprofits makes it easy to run your volunteer program and streamline your administrative tasks so that you can spend your time and energy actually doing more good in your community. From our convenient volunteer management features to our easy-to-use tools for volunteer event management, POINT will save your sanity without costing you a penny.

Plus, we have great features to manage groups of volunteers and better engage your corporate or school partners. Our dashboard automatically tracks statistics that can be sorted by groups or specific programs so you can share impact data with your partners. Seeing the benefit of their volunteer work keeps people coming back!

Unlimited Volunteer Database with POINT

Whether you have ten volunteers or 10,000, those relationships are essential. You can add unlimited volunteers to your account at no cost. Volunteer profiles on POINT are dynamic and clickable, with volunteering and giving history, contact info, and the ability to add notes. The volunteer database on POINT can be sorted, filtered, or used to run custom reports and data exports.

Unlimited Admin Users with POINT

Create admin accounts for your entire team at no cost—your Volunteer Coordinator, Executive Director, Development Coordinator, or even your Board Chair! The account owner can set and change admin permissions as needed to divide and conquer your workload. Admin capabilities include event, group, and program management (with Pro), verifying volunteer hours, viewing statistics, and customizing their own notifications. This enables your whole team to work together seamlessly and collectively use the power of data to boost your volunteer engagement.

Give volunteers an easy way to track their impact

Enabling volunteers to track and see the impact they’ve had gives them a sense of accomplishment for doing good. It also is motivation for them to keep coming back to work with your organization. Each POINT volunteer gets their own impact tracker profile that details all of the ways they’ve given time and money.

You can see this information too, and there are lots of possibilities for how you can use it to boost engagement! For example, you could send each volunteer a thank you card at the end of the year with a copy of their stats (specific to your organization) or use this data for friendly competitions with prizes for volunteers who reach a certain number of hours or donations.

But our volunteer engagement tools don’t stop there. We send notifications and email reminders for the events they sign up for, enabling you to contact volunteers easily and having multiple ways for people to get involved. They can give time by volunteering for events, donating any amount of money (because every dollar counts!), or even contributing gently used or new items to your in-kind registry.

Free software for nonprofits that streamlines data management and reporting

When we set out to build POINT, we heard over and over again about having an easy way to keep track of volunteer data and report on impact. So, we made a solution. On your nonprofit dashboard, you can see aggregated data about the total volunteer impact on your organization. Cut the data to look at the impact specific to certain periods of time, programs, volunteer groups, and more. Plus, all of this data can be easily exported to share with corporate partners, your board members, or the public.

Our automated reports include exactly the information grantmakers and big donors loveeee to see. We’ve even gone a step further to visualize the data and make it beautiful and easy to understand. Attach these reports to your grant applications to give reviewers a comprehensive look at your volunteer program, or include them in year-end summaries for donors.

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