New POINT events & how you can test the app!

New events 

The end of last year ushered in our new favorite thing: finally giving POINT app over to you to test real volunteer and community events!

With round one of beta testing completed, we temporarily hibernated, updated, recharged and are ready for round two. 

Our next test events are coming in February with organizations like Habitat for Humanity (!), Ronald McDonald House and more. 

To keep up with us, follow us on social media (we just hired our first full time developer!). We are @POINTapp on Instagram, Twitter, and POINT on Facebook. 

How to update your app:

If you’ve downloaded POINT on TestFlight, go to TestFlight and click “update” next to the POINT logo. If it seems you are still having the same bugs from before, delete the POINT app from your phone and re-install on TestFlight. If you haven’t downloaded POINT, go to our home page. 

How to beta test POINT:

POINT is out on Apple’s TestFlight program. It’s like where baby apps live and grow before they move out to the app store. (Yes, sadly, POINT is currently iPhone only… for now). Download the app and do some good in Columbus, Ohio. If you have questions, please contact us.

Step 1: Go to beta.pointapp.org

Step 2: Wait for a TestFlight email invitation that will come to your Apple ID email address

Step 3: Download TestFlight, then open TestFlight and click “install” on the right hand side

Step 4: Go to your home screen and POINT will be there. Open it and find an event! ✊

FIND A BUG? Log it here.

We are so excited for round two with you. Thanks for helping make POINT the best it can be to serve our communities. 


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.