No Joke, We’ve All Got Some

April is National Volunteer Month. I’ve got to admit, my first impulse to gather a bunch of reasons to compel you to volunteer, but before that I’d like to do something a bit different. After all, month-long observances like these are about celebrating

A tribute to volunteers 

“A tribute to volunteers!” Nope, doesn’t work quite right. Oh well, onward!

Think about it. Our neighborhoods, communities, states – even our nation – would be on the fast track to nowhere good without volunteers.

If you have ever benefited (oh trust me, you have) from the volunteer manpower behind non-profits in your community, from individuals donating their time at your schools while growing up, local reading programs at the library, tour guides, food pantry workers, volunteer members of groups that serve the community, fundraisers that singlehandedly decide the success of awareness walks and runs for important causes that impact millions of families, business owners that donate profits or goods to charity behind the scenes, volunteer firefighters, municipal and governing volunteers, even neighborhood kids raking the yard of their elderly neighbors, you’ve got someone to thank. 

This April, volunteer your thanks

The times in our lives someone has offered us their genuine thanks for our efforts – even our very selves for being in their life – are moments we never forget. Give a volunteer that moment.

here’s some ways to say thank you:

1. Feed them. As an office member, there’s nothing better than random, delicious food showing up that you didn’t have to make or pack, let me tell you. If you have a favorite organization in mind, bring lunch or some treats to the lunch room! Compliment the gesture with a handwritten note of your gratitude. 

2. Write to them. I don’t know about you, but snail mail is quite possibly the most endearing, thoughtful and simple lost art of telling someone how you feel. Get some friends together and make it a party! 

3. Lend your skills to them. A lot of you are social media content gurus – whether it’s leveling-up a non-profit’s Instagram or swinging by to teach some people your computer know-how, extending your passions to help them let’s them know you love what they do and want to see it successful – and you want to be a part of it.

We want your ideas. 

Are you a volunteer yourself? What would you appreciate most? Have any more ideas on how to show a volunteer/organization your gratitude? Tweet yours to @pointapp and we’ll make sure to RT. 

To April showers (of appreciation),

P.S. Stay close to the blog this month for spotlights on how to participate in National Volunteer Week! 


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.