Outrage Over Animal Cruelty and Deaths: When Selfies Become Too Selfish

Disclaimer: as images and video of these events may be unsettling, we leave their access with the original reports at the discretion of the viewer. 

February 12th, 2016:

A zoo-held peacock in China is illegally snatched from the ground of its habitat for pictures, its feathers plucked in the process. Within 30 minutes, the rare animal was dead from shock. 

February 18th, 2016:

Argentine swimmers and beach goers remove endangered baby dolphin from the sea, a mob ensues to touch and take pictures with the dying animal. The dolphin is killed and discarded on the sand as trash. 

February 22nd, 2016:

A man in Florida forcibly overcomes a shark and drags it to shore for a photo. At least 5 bystanders laugh and take pictures of the man and subdued shark. Minutes later, he releases it back into the water. 

What is happening?

This is nothing more (and there is nothing quite as alarming) than an epidemic of selfishness. Animals are quite literally being murdered for the sake of people’s Instagram accounts.

If you are enraged at the abhorrent exploitation of living creatures for the cheap thrill of a photo, welcome to the club. With millions of views across the world, many are waking up to this trend and lashing out at its participants; social media users, celebrities and government officials alike are taking a stand against this disgusting reality of animal cruelty. 

You can take a stand.

1. Be heard. Educate yourself on petitions like this one from Globalcitizen.org and sign your support for the protection of marine life.

2. Do something. If you ever witness cruelty towards animals, not only is it our responsibility as global citizens to not engage, but to also report incidents to the authorities. The events mentioned above are now under investigation because of individuals like you standing up and saying something! 

3. Share. How can a problem be solved if it is not known? Share your thoughts and resources with others so that they also can stand as a defense in the face of animal cruelty.  

POINT app is on its way, and will serve as a hub for important conversations like these to spur one another on to accountability, action and progress. Please take a moment to sign up on our wait list here!    

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To you, the advocates,
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