POINT at MSU Hosts 5K For Cure Alzheimer’s Fund (21 photos)

It’s Saturday, April 9th, and as members of POINT HQ are driving away from the snow in Columbus, Ohio to sunny (but cold) East Lansing, Michigan, POINT@MSU’s staff are prepping for what would become the most successful event of their term. 

Driven by the passion of key members and a group-decided vote, the POINT team at Michigan State University agreed that their keystone event of the spring ’16 semester would be a from-scratch effort to raise money for the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

The event, a 5K throughout the university’s campus, brought together not only students, but their loved ones and members of the community who all have a heart for those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. 

Alzheimer’s Disease stands as the 6th leading cause of death, affecting more than 5 million in the US alone

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We are thrilled to reiterate the race-day announcement from Miya DeVoogd – POINT@MSU President – that the efforts of the local POINT team, partnering fraternity brothers from Sigma Alpha Mu, generous donors and participants totaled $1,347.80 — blasting past their goal of $1,000! 

I’m very proud of how the race turned out. It was such a fun, happy atmosphere. We raised a ton of money! We have high expectations and hopes for coming semesters, as this 5k set the bar high! I loved coordinating this event with my eboard and with the members. They’re so dedicated and work hard to better the lives of others. We planned this event for the entire semester and it paid off big time. I dedicate all my personal efforts to my Grandma Ursula DeVoogd, who has Alzheimer’s and to my Grandpa Larry DeVoogd, who is her primary caretaker. They are the definition of true love, dedication, and selflessness and were my inspiration. This race was extra special to me because of them.

Miya DeVoogd, President of POINT at MSU

In 2015, an estimated 15 million caregivers provided 18.1 billion hours of unpaid care, valued at $221.3 billion 

via alz.org

a look at race day:

“I was a cheerleader on the course and it was great to see how many people were part of such a fun event for such a great cause. It was a cold night, but it was definitely worth it to raise money for people with Alzheimer’s. Can’t wait to do another amazing event like this next year!”

Sarah Rustmann, POINT Member & Race Volunteer

“We were happy to help. The race went really well and was a huge success.”

– Brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu at MSU, who philanthropic focus centers on raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Delegated into 3 committees: Event Committee, Marketing Committee, and Activities Committee
  • Cottage Inn Pizza and Pita Pit of East Lansing were generous donors of food for runners on race day!
    • ” The EL community businesses are very charitable and we’re thankful for them enhancing our 5k!” 
  • Top 5 placers received prizes; 1st place received $50 to the Velvet Candy Store!
  • “We’re also very thankful for Sigma Alpha Mu for collaborating with us and providing supplies, volunteers, runners, and a generous donation of $200.”   

“Our 5k was such a great experience. I was able to help with the planning of the event and I was also able to walk with my whole family who came up to East Lansing for the event. Alzheimer’s is a cause that is very important to my family. I have a grandmother with the disease so I am very passionate about the cause. We had a great time!”

Megan Watkins, Public Relations eboard chair, POINT Member & Runner

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