What’s on POINT? July edition

Hey Columbus – let’s do more good in July. 

We’re now in the dog days of summer (anyone else sweating like crazy going from your house to your car?) and this means that most of us want to just laze around with a cold drink and the AC on blast. But what if we told you that you could actually beat the heat AND #domoregood in our city?

This month, Columbus has some great opportunities for you to get to know some new people and connect with local nonprofits. Plus, we did all the hard work for ya and even outlined some post-volunteering plans to keep the good vibes going all day😉

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Food Pantry
Senior Deliveries

Fridays in July

The Gladden Community House Food Pantry provides emergency food assistance to folks in the Franklinton area. BUT not everyone is able to come pick up their food! Deliveries help get food to disabled residents and seniors who can’t easily leave their homes. Gladden does amazing work, and this helps them multiply their impact for people in the community who are often overlooked.

Why We Love This: It’s like a mini-roadtrip and a way to do good all in one! Fire up the summer playlists, grab a friend, and hit the road!

Cause: Poverty 

Neighborhood: Franklinton 

What to enjoy nearby: Scioto Audobon Metro Park because they’ve got beautiful trails and a view of the city. Bonus POINTs if you’re into rock climbing 🧗🏽‍♀️

Think Make Live
4th Annual
Youth Summit

Saturday, July 13

Think Make Live Youth is teaming up with the Columbus Community Action Team to provide a completely free (!!!) youth summit for Columbus-ians ages 16 – 24. It’s going to be a party full of empowerment – there’s workshops, speakers, vendor resources, entertainment, food and more. A-maz-ing.

They help our young people learn about some much-needed topic areas (we wish we’d had this!):

  • Financial Literacy
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Social Justice

Why We Love This: Think Make Live is “dedicated to empowering community engagement” through presentations, workshops, events. Plus – free food. 

Cause: Education 

Neighborhood: Broadleigh 

What to enjoy nearby: It might just be the POINT HQ team but we’re really into wandering around supermarkets. Especially when they sell locally-sourced, sustainable and/or environmentally-conscious food. Check out Bexley Natural Market, we know you’ll love it as much as we do!

Wellness & Safety Fair
Saturday, July 13

Saturday,  July 13 – Faith Thomas Foundation Wellness & Safety Fair: 

The Faith Thomas Foundation helps care for people with Sickle Cell Disease, and knows the importance of healthcare. This event will have an American Red Cross mobile blood donation unit, Ohio Health will have their mobile Mammogram unit, and over 40 other vendors will be there to help Columbus in all aspects of health. Sign up on POINT by tapping go – let’s make Columbus healthier!

Why We Love This: It’s so important for the community to have these free resources! We love supporting orgs that provide community education and enable people to be healthier. 

Cause: Health 

Neighborhood: Broadleigh 

What to enjoy nearby: Got a craving for kabobs and gyros? Check out Mad Greek for mad good food. 

NightLight 614
Thursday, July 25

Thursday, July 25  – Dick & Jane Project NightLight 614: 

If you love music and beer –  go grab your phone and open POINT right now! Come pour beer with The Dick & Jane Project at NightLight 614 to raise $$ for an org that empowers Columbus students through songwriting.  

The Dick & Jane Project pairs middle school students with local musicians to create radio-ready songs, which fosters love of music and writing for students. Super cool.  

Why We Love This: When middle school students create a song, it inspires confidence that their words matter. Plus, who doesn’t love (free) concerts?

Cause: Education 

Neighborhood: Glenbrook 

What to enjoy nearby: NightLight 614! So many food trucks…so little time…

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