1 thing you should do before you’re spring broke on spring break

SPRING BREAKKKK. For those of us in school, we live for it.  And for others, you miss it. If you’re going on spring break here’s some tips: 

A. Hydrate: You’ve been hibernating and, remember, the sun is hot… 

B. Call your parents: I mean, you’re traveling – for all they know you’re in the ocean somewhere.

So we know you’re about to be spring broke…

And to be real, we never talk about sharing the spring break love. The holiday giving has passed, and no one gives much this time of year.

In honor of SB17, make a $7 donation here and party. 

So what are you donating to? Let’s take a mental trip to Sierra Leone. If you’re thinking that place sounds familiar, it’s because it was one of the countries that was hardest hit with Ebola. Luckily, Ebola isn’t a problem anymore. At least not directly.

Around 12,000 children were orphaned because of Ebola.

Meaning many of the oldest children have had to drop out of school and work to take care of their siblings. Some aren’t lucky enough to have homes anymore, and so they have to live on the streets. (Note: This isn’t a guilt trip. We just want you to know that you have the chance to empower people and it doesn’t take much. Which we think is freaking amazing and wanted to share). 

For many of these children, they just want to be able to go back to school, or send their siblings to school, but they can’t afford to pay the fees.

Luckily, an organization called Street Children is helping send these kids back to school.

They reunite children with family members, finance their schooling, and even build schools in rural villages. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

via www.nyota-ev.de

So give that cup of coffee you’d be getting at the airport to Street Children to help their mission. If you’re real broke, then make a promise to pledge a portion of your tax return (if not the whole thing) when you get it. But remember that donating to charity *is* tax deductible, so take this as that push you need! 

Have fun! Hydrate, call your mom… 

Lindsey Schad
Blog Contributor

P.S. If you aren’t financially able to give to organizations working in other communities, then you can start by making a difference in your own. Help the homeless in Columbus by donating extra canned food here, donating material goods here, or by donating blankets here. And since this post is about education, there are plenty of children in the US who would benefit from book donations. To give your books to children in hospitals, donate here. To donate books to the Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation, click here

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.