Why Summer Reading = Empowerment

As of last week, it is officially summer!

*Cue the nostalgic memories of pool days and sprinklers*

For kids, summer break is a crucial time for learning.

Studies have shown that student’s achievement scores decline to the equivalent of them missing a full month of school by the time they return from break. Yikes. We know that no kid wants to think about school over the summer, but giving them opportunities to continue learning is crucial. Summer reading programs help students maintain their knowledge level and get them ready to tackle the next year of learning. 

Here’s how you can help: 

The Columbus Metropolitan Library system has a fantastic summer reading program, and they need volunteers! Read to kids, help them track their progress, or hand out prizes. You can be just the dose of inspiration a kid needs to succeed! 

via columbuslibrary.org

Don’t live in Columbus? See if your local library has a reading program. We betcha $5 they do 🙂 

Kids not your thing? There are plenty of adults who could use a refresher on their reading skills. Education is so important to success. And as an adult, career choices may be limited by low literacy, which makes advancement really difficult. If you have a heart for helping disadvantaged adults, volunteer as a tutor with the Columbus Literacy Council. They offer a ton of programs – to help parents engage in their child’s learning, to help with people taking the GED, to help non-native speakers learn English, and so much more. 

Bonus: we also have some picks for your personal summer reading list.  

1. The Bitter Side of Sweet by Tara Sullivan: A story of 3 kids forced to work on a cacao plantation on the Ivory Coast, and their attempts to escape. (P.S. Check out our blog about ethical chocolate here)

2. I love I hate I miss my Sister by Amelie Sarn: One young Muslim girl has to confront the murder of her sister by a neighbor in their French town. 

3. I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai: Our favorite Nobel Peace Prize winner recounts the stories of her life, of being shot by the Taliban, and her fight for the education of girls worldwide. 

Happy summer & happy reading! 

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Lindsey Schad
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