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Startups from Developing Countries are Fixing 4 Major Problems

Forget Silicon Valley - the new hub of tech and innovation is somewhere a little bit different (but just as hot)... AFRICA! Kenya is rapidly emerging as a leader in African innovation and investors are taking note of the new Silicon Savannah. And trust us, you want to know what these awesome startups are doing!

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2015: The Charity Change and What You Need to Know

All it is, really, is a list. One hundred we’ve-got-you-figured-outs that color the picture of how charity is changing under the influence of the most expansive, affluent and - dare I say - cause-passionate generation to date.

Each of the following six categories are the focal points of the Top 100 Findings From the Millennial Impact Project. Below are arguably the single, most important highlights from each. Do you agree? Where do you line up? And, if I may, what are you going to do about it?

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5 Things I’ve Learned in the Past 5 years of Running POINT, the Charity Formerly Known as ONELIFE

"If this is going to work we are going to need a lot of people. Which the thought of getting that many people to download POINT makes me feel all the feels. When you want to build something that requires a community of us to make it function, it’s no longer any bit about me. "

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Work For That Water!

Yesterday, June 24th, POINT found itself at FountainSide along the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus to participate in this weekly, summer-long event for kids of all ages. To facilitate learning beyond the classroom through engaging activities, we at POINT were excited to step up to the plate and offer a memorable learning activity, as well as a killer charging station for smartphone users who could use a boost! 

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Video: POINT CEO Stumps the Public

Today we’re throwing it back to the day that our very own CEO, Madison Mikhail, wandered the streets of downtown Columbus to ask a very important question of those who were passing by. 

As important as it is to keep looking forward to the current development of POINT app, it’s just as vital to remember why we’re here.

Why does the world need the social media for charity? What’s the point? 

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The 10 Dollar Question

It’s no secret that $10 has very different purchasing power depending on where in the world you are holding that bill (FYI: the official nerd-term for that is "Purchasing Power Parity"). We hear all the time about how far your money can go when you donate abroad compared to how measly that $10 would be if you spent it here at home.

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