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Mondays at POINT (on Tuesday)

"Without labor, nothing prospers." - Sophocles

And without a day off, everybody would go nuts. In all due seriousness though, we do hope your Labor Day was enjoyably spent, hopefully in appreciation of the hard work this nation was built upon (if you don't know where Labor Day comes from, check here). If you happened to be ....

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Is There a 'Best' Way to Give?

We are on the lookout for other groups who are revolutionizing charity in their own ways, to see what other people are coming up with. That's where this article comes in: it talks about a team of four MIT and Harvard graduate students who decided they might be able to be more effective with charity by going straight to the source - giving money directly to the people who need it, no strings attached. What do you think about this approach? We've got our thoughts...we want yours.

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Work For That Water!

Yesterday, June 24th, POINT found itself at FountainSide along the Scioto Mile in downtown Columbus to participate in this weekly, summer-long event for kids of all ages. To facilitate learning beyond the classroom through engaging activities, we at POINT were excited to step up to the plate and offer a memorable learning activity, as well as a killer charging station for smartphone users who could use a boost! 

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