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#TBT (Throw Back Thanksgiving)

It's Thursday. It's a throw back. It's Thanksgiving. Which probably means that if you're not eating, you're laying around on your phone recovering from eating. I get it. 

While you contemplate the energy involved in joining that raucous card game or heated round of Jenga, spend a few extra minutes on the couch (/floor/armchair/pillow pile) and come back with us to last year's #passthepoint, where passionate, everyday individuals showcased the elements of their everyday that they've taken for granted or are thankful for. 

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Mondays at POINT (on Tuesday)

"Without labor, nothing prospers." - Sophocles

And without a day off, everybody would go nuts. In all due seriousness though, we do hope your Labor Day was enjoyably spent, hopefully in appreciation of the hard work this nation was built upon (if you don't know where Labor Day comes from, check here). If you happened to be ....

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Video: POINT CEO Stumps the Public

Today we’re throwing it back to the day that our very own CEO, Madison Mikhail, wandered the streets of downtown Columbus to ask a very important question of those who were passing by. 

As important as it is to keep looking forward to the current development of POINT app, it’s just as vital to remember why we’re here.

Why does the world need the social media for charity? What’s the point? 

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