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Video: POINT CEO Stumps the Public

Today we’re throwing it back to the day that our very own CEO, Madison Mikhail, wandered the streets of downtown Columbus to ask a very important question of those who were passing by. 

As important as it is to keep looking forward to the current development of POINT app, it’s just as vital to remember why we’re here.

Why does the world need the social media for charity? What’s the point? 

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Random Acts of Kindness That'll Leave You Inspired

A random act a day keeps the blues away, at least in our opinion. As spring rolls into summer in the coming weeks, it’s important to know some of the little ways to make a big difference in someone’s day or even their life. Read on for five easy ways to inspire and be inspired in return, taking hardly any time away from your normal routine or budget.

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The 10 Dollar Question

It’s no secret that $10 has very different purchasing power depending on where in the world you are holding that bill (FYI: the official nerd-term for that is "Purchasing Power Parity"). We hear all the time about how far your money can go when you donate abroad compared to how measly that $10 would be if you spent it here at home.

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