The 5 Things Taylor Swift Will Love On POINT

1. Keeping up with friends

What’s better than meeting up and giving back to your community? 

#squadgoals for real. 

2. Meeting new people

Whether it’s new friends or more than that, spending time volunteering alongside the girls and guys in your city who have similar interests is guaranteed to be great. 

Tay knows how to use her skill set. Bake food for others. Make friends. The recipe for successipe.

Oh, you’re volunteering too? *Swipes right* 

3. Connecting with charities she loves

That’s perfect, T. Just filter your charities of interest to animal welfare organizations and shelters and we’ll put you in touch. 

We can see why you love cats so much. #amotherslove

4. Eating Free Food with Her new Friends

After POINT’s volunteering events, app users are provided coupons to nearby local restaurants to keep the good times rolling. (Yeah, we’re serious.)


5. POINT is a place to be herself

Enough with all the negativity, noise and distractions. POINT is an app made by, for and through the passion of generosity-minded millennials. So I guess that makes us part of T’s squad… 

And if you can’t make it to Connecticut, save buying your next coffee and donate through the app, fee-free.

POINT is the charity platform that makes sense. A social experience with organizations you trust, friends, dates, and communities. All in one place.   

We know why Taylor would sign up – how about you?

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No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.