The CEO of Your Favorite Company Just Made a $100M Donation

He’s the CEO of what might perhaps be the most beloved company today. If I’m exaggerating, it’s only slightly. Reed Hastings, CEO of – you guessed it – Netflix, just announced on his Facebook that he is personally funding at $100 million philanthropic effort. 

*virtual philanthropic billionaire buddy fist bump*

With flagship funds of $1.5 million being granted to United Negro College Fund and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, Hastings fortifies the growing ranks of this generation’s socially conscious leaders.

According to philanthropynewsdigest.org, this is not Hastings’ first go-around in the world of education reform; his newest education fund follows decades of active service on various education boards and support of numerous ventures to bring “rich and holistic educational experiences” to the too many children who do not have the opportunity available to them.

It’s one thing to have a company that utterly disrupts an industry, propelling viewers into a new era of media-watching, and another completely to know -and act – on the responsibility to do the same in areas of great need. 

We’re fans. If you couldn’t tell. 

This is what POINT is about. A hub of philanthropy-minded game-changers who like what they see in the world of charity and want to see more of it. In one place. Personal profiles of users and organizations alike, where the important conversations of what we’re going to do with what we have are suddenly – refreshingly – two-sided. 

So, Reed Hastings, we’ll see you on POINT. We want to hear more about the path you’re paving in education, and I’ve got a feeling a few others are curious too. 

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