This is the nastiest drink we’ve ever seen

“She got sick at 5pm and was gone by 7pm.” Cause of death? Dirty water.

As a kid, the lunch table would cram all of our food leftovers into a tiny half-emptied milk carton, dare an unwilling victim and watch in horror as they tried to drink the pieces of cheese, meat, bread crusts, yogurt chunks, fruit peels and gummies that were dropped on the floor. Lunches ended as the milk carton contains were spewed across the table. 

Milk au jus. Disgusting. But water that animals “defecate” in, people bathe in, and companies dump in? … that’s on a new level.

So drink that, I dare you.

Photo: Shutterstock/Aaron Amat

Please don’t. 

Diseases from dirty water kill more people a year than all forms of violence combined says charity:water. (Think about that). Because it’s straight nasty. If you take your dog for a walk and it does what dogs do best in a puddle, do you then just reach for your water bottle and fill’er up!? NO!

Photo: Charity:water, Ester Havens

1 in 10 people live without clean water.

Yep, double the population of the US (660+ million people). This is no dare-worthy drink. This is life and death.

But the best thing is that you can do something: 

The video above debuted two days ago. The inspiration behind one of the most expansive, effective clean water movements known will leave you in tears, breathless and ready to do something. 


buy someone a drink today. 

Start with charity:water ⬅ ⬅ ⬅

To see what it’s like, check out pictures of the completed project in the Makutar-Danda Gaun Community in Nepal here: one that brought 498 people access to clean water in February of 2015. The POINT team and its chapters are honored and humbled to see lives change through our participation in this campaign, with real updates.  


No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.