Top Volunteer Management Software for 2024

It’s 2024, and it’s time to level up your volunteer management software. Whether you’re coming from using spreadsheets to manage volunteer info and hours or currently using overpriced software, we’ve got all the info you need on a better system.

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If you want a user-friendly, ready-to-go free volunteer management system, you can get started in minutes with POINT. Our free VMS has a robust set of features that empower nonprofits of all sizes. If you need more advanced features, you can always upgrade to our affordable paid plans.  

Article Last Updated 1/21/24

Best free volunteer management software 2024

Looking to level up as much as possible but have absolutely zero budget? We get it. Nonprofits do so much with so little, but you deserve better free resources. POINT helps you with everything in your volunteer program: recruitment, management, engagement, and reporting.



POINT is the best way to manage your volunteer program (think: a volunteer contact database, the ability to create groups, a volunteer app, integrations with your site, and automatic reporting). With one of the most robust free plans in the US, POINT has so much of what you need (for free!!!!) to manage your program. 

Why we love it: It’s hard to find a free tool that’s actually built for nonprofits, that combines recruitment and management, andddd doesn’t look like it’s from the early 2000s. Bonus: how many free software plans do you know that give you unlimited admins and volunteers? 

Things to consider: POINT is still growing, so features like volunteer applications and scheduling aren’t here yet. 

Pricing: POINT’s Core plan is $0, forever. Get access to everything you need to streamline your volunteer coordination with recruitment and reporting tools. Check out the complete list of features on the Core plan here

Notable features on the free plan: Automatic reporting, website integration, mobile app, unlimited admins, and unlimited volunteers 

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SignUp Genius

SignupGenius is a tool for managing online signups. Great for volunteer signups, but also things like potlucks. Lots of schools and churches use SignupGenius for stuff like this. 

Why we love it: It’s quick to set up and has a free plan for nonprofits. 

Things to consider: SignupGenius’s free platform has ads and isn’t as user-friendly for volunteers. Also, SignupGenius lacks many of the backend features needed for volunteer management. 


Want to see how POINT compares with SignUpGenius? Read more here

Top volunteer hour tracking



POINT automatically tracks hours for your volunteer events and has a volunteer check-in feature. Need to track hours for volunteers outside of scheduled events, like hours a mentor has spent with their mentee? POINT has that, too. You can even filter total volunteer hours for your org by things like volunteer groups.

Why we love it: For volunteers that are on the go, POINT has a mobile app. Volunteers can see their own hours on their profile.

Things to consider: No drawbacks for volunteer hour tracking.

Pricing: POINT Core is free and includes automatic volunteer hour tracking. Pro plans start at $99/mo and have additional features.


volunteer management software

Timecounts is another user-friendly, modern-looking volunteer software. The ability to create a schedule is great. They also have SMS reminders, which we know volunteers love. 

Why we love it: The platform looks great, and the user-friendly features make it easy to use. 

Things to consider: Priority support only comes with the highest-paid plan or for a $125/hour fee. So if you’re a team that needs lots of help and has lots of questions, this may not be the best question.

Pricing: Pricing for Timecounts starts at $15/month and goes up to $100/month. 

Best volunteer mobile apps 

If your volunteers want a mobile app – these tools are for you. It’s time to upgrade your recruitment tools and meet your volunteers where they are: on their phones!


POINT’s app

POINT has a free app so community members can volunteer for and donat to local nonprofits. Volunteers set their city and pick the causes they care about to see a custom feed of opportunities with instant signups. Plus, POINT sends automatic reminders to volunteers about events they register for, so your admins don’t have to.

Why we love it: The app is free, modern, easy-to-use, and tracks impact. For volunteers without smartphones, there’s a desktop version. Volunteers can also see who is signed up for events to create a more social, connected experience.

Things to consider: No catch! The app is free to download, free to use, there are no ads, just opportunities to do more good!

Pricing: Freeeeeeeee!

Civic Champs

Civic Champs

Civic Champs has an app for nonprofits and volunteers, for signups and to help streamline the donation process.

Why we love it: Volunteers can use the app to sign up for events and donate.

Things to consider: Pricing can get expensive for nonprofits with lots of volunteers.

Pricing: Civic Champs pricing starts at $45/ month. Pricing depends on the number of annual active volunteers. 



Golden has a wonderful volunteer experience on their app. They highlight “karats”, which are like points volunteers earn for volunteering, or sharing about their experience.

Why we love it: Lots of social features for volunteers, easy signups.

Things to consider: Golden doesn’t have a great admin experience, and they have a limited number of admins.  

Pricing:  There is a free version and a Professional plan that starts at $110/mo

Best volunteer scheduler 

If you have volunteers coming in for a regular schedule, like museum volunteers, tutors, helpline volunteers, and farmer’s market greeters, you might want a volunteer schedule.

Note: if you have volunteer events every day, but volunteers aren’t tied to specific shifts (i.e. Mohammed comes in every Tuesday from 9 – 12), then having a tool with a “schedule” isn’t necessary. Try software that has ongoing events instead. 



Volunteers find events by scrolling through their personalized feed, or by looking at your organization’s POINT page. When they find an event they are interested in, all they have to do is tap “go,” and they’re signed up! You can contact all of the volunteers who have signed up for an event using the options on our dashboard, but POINT automatically sends volunteers an email confirmation and reminder, as well as app notifications as the event date gets closer.

Why we love it: For volunteers that are on the go, POINT has a mobile app. Volunteers can see their own schedule on their profile.

Things to consider: Lots of different functionality, depending on your scheduling needs.

Pricing: POINT Core is free and includes scheduling, need ongoing events scheduling? Check out Pro Features starting at $99/month.



VolunteerImpact is a volunteer management software that helps recruit, track, and schedule volunteers.

Why we love it: VolunteerImpact has one of the most robust feature sets and is user-friendliness. 

Things to consider: With lots of robust features, it can take some time to learn how to use the different functionalities and navigate the admin portal. 

Pricing: VolunteerImpact offers a free 30-day trial. Price starts at $288, and subscriptions are based on the number of volunteers and the number of locations, if applicable. 



GetConnected by Galaxy Digital offers plenty of volunteer management features aimed at building relationships for a subscription price.

Why we love it: Schedule volunteers for events based on their availability.

Things to consider: Has standard volunteer management features, but nothing extraordinary

Pricing: Contact them for pricing

Best corporate volunteer platforms 2024

If you’re looking for corporate volunteering, that might be a totally different tool than volunteer management tools meant for nonprofits. We’ve outlined a couple below.

POINT for corporate volunteering


POINT has a volunteer management system but offers a similar platform for companies, schools, and other community organizations. Corporate support empowers POINT to keep the VMS free for nonprofits, creating tech equity.

Why we love it: Employees get access to the free POINT app, company admins can create groups and run impact reports specific to departments, AND companies can collaborate with nonprofits to cohost events. It also offers donation options for employees and companies.

Things to consider: POINT is made specifically to support nonprofits, not companies. However, corporate features are robust and great for employee giving.

Pricing: Contact us for a quote for your company!



Millie offers corporate volunteer software for remote and in-person opportunities.

Why we love it: They have a Dollars for Doers program, which rewards employees who volunteer with dollars to donate to nonprofits of their choice.

Things to consider: Pricing is based on number of employees.

Pricing: Varies based on employee base, starts at $195/mo



Deed is an all-in-one platform to take action at work, in your area and globally.

Why we love it: Creates a culture of giving back

Things to consider: Focused on giving, offers volunteering but doesn’t have as robust of volunteering features as other platforms.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing



Benevity is a corporate social responsibility software.

Why we love it: Spans volunteering and giving, plus encourages employees to tackle challenges for “micro-action”.

Things to consider: Many of their most notable features are only available as add-ons which raise the price.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing



YourCause by Blackbaud is a social responsibility platform for large companies.

Why we love it: Has a global database of large nonprofits, offers volunteer grants

Things to consider: More focused on employee donations and corporate grants than volunteering.

Pricing: Contact them for pricing

Best volunteer signup tools 



Eventbrite is built as an event signup tool. It’s not built specifically for volunteering, but has some great features for custom signup questions and recurring events. 

Why we love it: You can use Eventbrite for volunteer signups and other events your nonprofit might have. Eventbrite is also great for orgs that aren’t nonprofits, as some of the products on this list have plans that are only free for 501c3  nonprofits. 

Things to consider: Eventbrite lacks the volunteer management and reporting tools of other volunteer signup tools. Eventbrite users will likely need a volunteer database in another tool, and Eventbrite doesn’t track volunteer hours. 

Pricing: Eventbrite is free if your event “tickets” are free. For paid events, you can choose whether you absorb the handling fees or your customer pays the handling fees. 



Mobilize is technology platform and network that allows volunteers to sign up for events such as rallies, virtual meetings, canvassing, phone banking, and get out the vote.

Why we love it: Mobilize has one of the quickest ways for your volunteers to sign up for your events. It’s easy to use and has a great design. 

Things to consider: Mobilize is almost exclusively used for political volunteering – including petitions, canvassing, and phone banking. 

Pricing: Mobilize has a starter plan, and the paid plan starts at $500/month. 

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