Unbelievable environment videos that shook 2018

he problem:

If you haven’t seen already, here are recent shots of the current state of the environment around the world. 

1. We are waving goodbye to our oceans. 

2. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. 

Think about that. 

3. Animals are accidentally consuming our trash

This year, fisherman found 80 plastic pieces in the stomach of a pilot whale. The video below is one that is most well known this year for showing the reality of trash and plastic, as sea-goers try to relieve a sea turtle of a plastic straw lodged painfully in its nostril. 

4. The carbon footprint of our coffee habit

Your paper coffee cup is likely tightly lined with plastic. Consider a reusable cup when visiting your favorite coffee shops – some spots even give you a discount for being waste-conscious!

The fallout:

When France’s minister of the environment quits on live radio, you know there’s a problem. The question to our governments and to ourselves is….are we listening yet? 

The process:

Are you wish-cycling? 

Change the outcome by understanding the process. What actually happens with our recycling? What is recyclable and what isn’t? What happens to our trash? Find out and see how you can support these massive efforts in your own home. 

The solution:

1. Aquaponics – what is it?

Sustainable farming like you’ve never seen before. We are looking at the future. 

2. This beach in Mumbai was changed forever because of one person

With literal tons of trash suffocating the beach and environment, a campaign was born that the UN dubbed the “world’s largest beach cleanup”. 

3. Replacing what was lost 

One billion?! Let’s all take a note from Pakistan. 

4. Meeting the problem head-on

Those of us who are passionate about tech – look what you are capable of!! 

What you can do:

1. A simple DIY to save waste, food AND your money 

Who knew you could make your own sealable beeswax wrap?!

2. Little changes for a big impact

Look at your routines and see which can be upgraded with reusable materials! 

3. Help out

Whether it’s planting trees, helping rescued animals at shelters, or serving food to the homeless, there’s somewhere your strengths and passions are needed. 

Don’t know where to start? 

Easy. Download POINT on the App Store (click above) – we’ll take care of the rest. 

See you out there,

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.