Updates & round 1 beta testing almost over

December has been a busy month for everyone, including POINT. If you’ve been along for the ride, you know we released our beta app! If you’re just now hopping on (hi, welcome!), it’s not too late!

Here are some key things to know:

1. The POINT app beta has been updated!

If you have the app, go back to Test Flight and select ‘update’. We’ve taken in your helpful feedback and fixed important bugs! Take a look around at our updated functionality and see what you think. (We’re still fixing bugs now so we’ve got more things on our to do list). 

If you don’t have POINT yet, no worries – head over to our homepage here, scroll down, and follow the prompts to download.

2. Last chance to test the app is December 20th!

Our beta testing period is almost over; the last chance to test the very first public wave of POINT and give us feedback is ending next week, 12/20 (so check out the events page on the app). Once the last event is over, we will hunker down until January working on POINT’s new and improved app-self for a second round of testing. This is you being apart of something HUGE. 

Thank you for your invaluable support of us as we move forward to make POINT the best it can be. 

If you’re a new friend of ours, check out our blog for everything you need to know. Keep up with us on Twitter and Facebook  @pointapp to hear the most recent news on our progress.

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