Valentine’s & Galentine’s Day Ideas

We are 2 weeks away from the holiday of looooove! Whether it’s love for your S.O., or the deep love you have for your gal pals, it deserves to be celebrated. Looking for a date idea? A Galentine’s activity? The best flowers and chocolates on the ethical market? Look no further. 

Things to do: 

1. Bake cookies at the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus on Valentine’s Day

Baking with your S.O. (or your B.F.Fs) is always an experience. Plus, you can bring your own cookie recipe and impress your date with Grandma’s irresistible cookies. Even better, you will be bringing a smile to the faces of the coolest kids we know by making their day a bit sweeter. Sign up on the POINT app and share the love from 6-8pm. 

2. Get your gals together to empower other ladies 

This Galentine’s day, put together donations for My Sister’s Place – a safe and sober house for women who are seeking to get out of human trafficking, homelessness, or drug addiction. They have provided job training and recovery programs for over 200 women since 2013. Have everyone coming bring an assortment of tampons, personal hygiene items, socks, and grocery gift cards, then use your time together to package them in cute reusable bags, and write encouraging notes to the women who will receive them. (Or, you can also have everyone bring $5 and donate to Aunt Flow to provide a month’s worth of tampons.)

via Auntflow.com

3. Give your S.O. ethical flowers

Unfortunately, not all of the V-day goods are created equal 🙁 Ecuador and Colombia supply most of the flowers for Valentine’s purchases, and their labor and environmental laws are severely lacking. Not only are they constantly exposed to carcinogens in the pesticides used on the flowers, leading to massive health concerns like birth defects and neurological damage, but they often work 20 hour days to meet the Valentine’s demand. NOT GOOD. You can nab a better bouquet at Whole Foods, which makes sure their flowers are Veriflora certified, or shop online at One World.

4. AND ETHICAL CHOCOLATE (or just ethical chocolate)

We have to shed some light on chocolate too; 70% of cocoa is grown in West Africa where child labor (think 5 year olds and up) is incredibly common. These kids have to harvest the cocoa pods with machetes, spray dangerous chemicals, and work rather than go to school. Again, let me emphasize that your chocolate is being produced by KINDERGARTNERS. But you know we would never give you bad news without giving you a better alternative. Buy Askinosie Chocolate – direct trade chocolate with an open-book accounting policy with their farmers so that everyone is satisfied with how money is spent. Delicious AND child-labor free. (If you live in Columbus, Ohio you’re in luck basically every cool coffeehouse in Columbus (some being Stauf’s, One Line, & Roosevelt) sells it. 

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Spread love however you can – volunteer, donate, or buy ethical goods. 

Much love to the lovers of the world,
Photo Lindsey Schad
Lindsey Schad
Head of Communication Team

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