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What’s upppp ATL?! We’re POINT and we’re coming at ya with ways to volunteer. Y’all are one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and we are SO excited to hang out with you and do more good together.

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SATURDAY || ADOPT A ROAD - Clean Up Bethsaida Rd/Old National Hwy Feeding GA Families Feeding GA Families SATURDAY || ADOPT A ROAD - Clean Up Bethsaida Rd/Old National Hwy
Mentor Atlanta Girls with an Interest in STEM Play Like a Girl! Play Like a Girl! Mentor Atlanta Girls with an Interest in STEM
Young Genius Gatherings Grove Park Foundation Grove Park Foundation Young Genius Gatherings
Harambee Festival! Grove Park Foundation Grove Park Foundation Harambee Festival!
Young Genius Gatherings Grove Park Foundation Grove Park Foundation Young Genius Gatherings
Young Genius Gatherings - 3rd Saturday @ Canopy Apartments! Grove Park Foundation Grove Park Foundation Young Genius Gatherings - 3rd Saturday @ Canopy Apartments!
Refuge Run to Brew Hope Prep Refuge Coffee Co Refuge Coffee Co Refuge Run to Brew Hope Prep
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Volunteer in Atlanta for food

Food is the most basic need. Volunteer in Atlanta to help our neighbors get fresh, healthy food.

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Nonprofits in Atlanta working for food

Atlanta Community Food Bank: Whoa, every month, ACFB receives almost 9 million pounds of donated food and grocery products, 22% of which is fresh produce. They work to distribute over 65 million meals across metro Atlanta and north Georgia. You can support Atlanta Community Food Bank by volunteering with food pantries, community kitchens, community food centers, or mobile markets.

Open Hand Atlanta: If you care about supporting people in our community with special dietary needs (hellooooo my gluten-free and vegetarian friends and those with food allergies), Open Hand is a great nonprofit to support. Volunteer to help pack meals and Market Baskets, drive meal delivery routes or work with their culinary team.

HopeAtlanta: One of the oldest nonprofits in Atlanta (founded in 1900😳 ), HopeAtlanta fights hunger, homeless, and supports COVID-19 education, screening, and testing. We love their tagline: Because “homeless” and “hungry” should be temporary states—not labels.

Volunteer in Atlanta for Animals

Whether you’re a dog person, a cat person, a reptile person, or someone who just loves animals, there are so many ways to do more good and advocate for furry (or scaly) friends. Walk dogs, clean litter boxes, or become a pet foster parent to support animals in Atlanta.

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Nonprofits in Atlanta that help animals

PAWS Atlanta: Adopt a cat or dog, or even foster! Volunteer with PAWS Atlanta to help with animal care and enrichment, community outreach, and even with the vaccine clinic. Under 18? Check out the cutest ideas for youth volunteering, including a Bake Sale for Dogs.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta: The GRRA has been “Finding warm homes for cold noses since 1991.” and we couldn’t be more excited about how cute these goldens are. Walk dogs, become a dog foster parent, transport dogs, or help with community events.

Atlanta Humane Society: Wow, Atlanta Humane has been saving animals for more than 148 years. Sign up to volunteer and support their mission to connect homeless animals with good homes and provide neglected animals with safe spaces.

Volunteer for the Homeless in Atlanta

Did you know 750 individuals sleep on the streets every night in Atlanta? There are lots you can do to advocate – whether it’s volunteering, learning about causes of homelessness, or connecting with your elected officials about policies to protect Atlanta neighbors better.

Nonprofits for Homelessness in Atlanta

Atlanta Mission: Atlanta Mission is the largest organization serving homeless men, women, and children. In 2020, over 7.3k people came to Atlanta Mission seeking shelter. They served 656,00 meals, held 2,290 counseling sessions, and 1,225 life skills classes. Wow. Volunteer to help serve meals, with childcare, or in the thrift store.

City of Refuge: Another great organization focusing on holistic needs. City of Refuge programs are based on 4 impact areas: Health & Wellness, Housing, Vocational Training, and Youth Development.

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia: St. Vincent de Paul is fighting homelessness with access to healthcare and pharmacy, housing, thrift stores, transportation, and more.

Volunteer in Atlanta for the environment

The environment is one of the most followed causes on POINT (thanks, Greta). Planting trees, cleaning up litter, and removing invasive species are all great ways to keep Atlanta’s green spaces clean and usable for our city.

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Nonprofits supporting the environment in Atlanta, Georgia

TreesAtlanta: If you’re passionate about trees and conservation, TreesAtlanta has you covered.

Keep Atlanta Beautiful: Get involved with Keep Atlanta Beautiful by helping to end littering and improve recycling behaviors, all while beautifying communities.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Volunteers are the heartbeat of the Atlanta Botanical Garden you could enjoy field trips, participate in workshops and socialize with other horticultural enthusiasts.

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