What’s on POINT? November 2019

Looking for good things to do in Columbus? We got you. Happy Turkey Month! As we gear up for Thanksgiving, it’s a great time to reflect on what you’re thankful for—from friends, to family, to the little things like a sunny fall day!

And you know what’s a great way to express that thankfulness this month? Leaf-ing your house to do some good 😉

P.S. Did you sign up to volunteer? Tag us on Insta with your event pics—@pointapp!

Glenwood Park
Clean Up
Saturday, Nov 2

Fun fact: The cornerstone for this park was laid in 1914, and it opened to the public in 1916, making this Columbus treasure over 100 years old! The park is maintained by he Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, whose mission is to “connect the people of our community through the power of nature, wellness, and creativity.” Given that green spaces within cities improve both mental and physical health, we think that’s a very worthy mission.

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2205

Why we love this: Who doesn’t love getting down and dirty for the environment?! This is perfect for our outdoorsy friends that are ready to get hands-on to clean up our planet. 

Cause: Environment and Conservation

Neighborhood: Hilltop 

What to enjoy nearby: Bring buddies (and a change of clothes) and stop by Columbus Brewing Co. to toast your eco-friendly accomplishments! Plus, FoxFire Mobile Food will be serving up delicious tacos at CBC until 4, perfect for filling up after a morning of doing more good! 

First Responder Training
Saturday, Nov 2

Franklin County LOSS (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) needs help with Suicide Postvention—when a life is lost to suicide, volunteers head to the scene to be a source of hope and support for the family/friends. Truly an incredible group of people who are making the world a kinder place by helping those who have lost a loved one to suicide as they’re processing this loss.

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2175

Why we love this: It’s not easy but it’s so important. This is a powerful way compassionate people can make a life-long difference. 

Cause: Health and Family

Neighborhood: Canterbury

What to enjoy nearby: Grab a cup of iced coffee and decompress at one of our favorite local coffee shops, Colin’s Coffee. Remember to bring your own to-go mug/cup ♻️

ESL Volunteer Orientation
Tuesday, Nov 5 (+ more)

If you have a heart for kids, immigrants, or refugees, this is for you. Meet families in the ESL (English as a second language) program and entertain the kiddos! Play soccer, build with legos, jump rope (throwback!), read them some stories…it’s a fun time. 

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/407

Why we love this: You get to have fun embracing your inner child and playing, plus you get to make these awesome kids feel welcome and loved! 

Cause: Refugees

Neighborhood: Mill Run/Hilliard

What to enjoy nearby: Pulp Juice and Smoothie is delicious. Grab one and head over to the Mill Run ponds to take a walk and enjoy the fall scenery!

Build Playhouses for
Local Families
Wednesday, Nov 6 (+ more)

Not only does Habitat for Humanity build houses, they build playhouses too! This information session is the first step to becoming a “Playhouse Project Captain” (umm cool title, and yes, you should totally add that to your resume). But the really cool part is—after the proper training—you’ll actually be out assembling and painting playhouses for local families, providing a safe place to play and just be a kid! 

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2215

Why we love this: Feel like you’re on a kids version of an HGTV show—plus imagine how cute the mini-houses will be! We’re here for it.

Cause: Family and Community 

Neighborhood: Mifflinville

What to enjoy nearby: Roll on over to the HPL Bowling Center for a night of bowling and pizza, or get your thrift on at Ohio Thrift Stores and find your next eco-friendly OOTD!  

Help at the Let Me Run
FallFest 5k
Sunday, Nov 10

The Let Me Run 5K is in support of the Let Me Run program, which helps boys grow through running and team building. This program doesn’t just focus on training boys to be athletes, it also gives them the lessons to grow mentally and emotionally. It’s basically running + a super cool safe place.  

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/1969

Why we love this: You get to cheer other people on while not running! Plus, one of the ways you can help is the classic color hairspray & tattoo station—so fun!

P.S. If you would rather run than volunteer, you can sign up here!

Cause: Health 

Neighborhood: Westerville

What to enjoy nearby: After helping support children’s programs, embrace your inner-child by heading over to Magic Mountain with your squad! If you have a large group, keep the friendly competitive spirit up and go race go-karts! If laser tag is more your vibe they have that, too! And, there are soooo many other fun-filled options.

Set a World Record
Sunday, Nov 10

Make history and help Eleventh Candle Co. break the world record for the most candles hand-poured in a day! (C’mon, you know you’ve always dreamed of holding a world record!) Plus, Eleventh Candle Co. is a social enterprise—meaning they operate to do more good in the world than just sell a product—and they employ women who have escaped from abuse, addiction, exploitation or human trafficking. We love companies that support women, especially women who have gone through things no human should. 

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2213

Why we love this: 3 reasons. 1: candles! 2: world record-breaking! 3: supporting strong, beautiful women! YES.

Cause: Family and Jobs 

Neighborhood: Polaris

What to enjoy nearby: So this event is in Polaris Fashion Place, which has so many things to check out! Get a head start on your eco-friendly gift list and head to Lush to get some bath bombs or face masks. Or if you need a new pair of jeans, swing by Madewell with an old pair (any brand/style). They’ll turn your old denim into affordable housing insulation, and give you $20 off new denim!

Decorate for the
Winter Festival
Wednesday, Nov 13 (+ more)

The mission of Godman Guild is to provide programs that enhance the social and economic mobility of individuals and families in Central Ohio. They’re doing a lot of good for a lot of families. One of their biggest events of the year is the Winter Festival (hello, ~ partaaaay! ~). It’s an annual event that brings families together for photos, food, and holiday fun! 

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2121

Why we love this: If you’re super excited for the holidays (holiday season officially starts after Halloween—don’t @ me), then you can jumpstart the festivities with decorating! Also, you will have free rein (more or less) to flex your creative skills, so even if you’re still hung up on Turkey day, this is a fun way to tap into your creativity to create a winter wonderland! 

Cause: Poverty and Family

Neighborhood: Italian Village-ish

What to enjoy nearby:  Head to the Short North afterward! If you haven’t been to Condado Tacos you have 👏 to 👏 go. North Star is another fave Short North spot, but honestly, there are so many options, you can just walk around and see what piques your interest! 

Fight Cancer at the
Cattle Baron’s Ball
Saturday, Nov 16

Saddle up now! This will be a gala y’all don’t want to miss. The Cattle Baron’s Ball is a western-themed fundraiser for the American Cancer Society where the community unites to corral a cure for cancer. You’ll have a rootin’ tootin’ time helping to support their biggest fundraiser of the year! So throw on your best cowboy boots and cowboy hat and get ready to do more good! Yeehaw! 

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2145

Why we love this: Ummm, who doesn’t love both themes and galas? Plus there will be a mechanical bull and a tequila luge, which will be entertaining at the very least. Plus, the whole point (get it? 😉) of the night is to fight cancer, which is a powerful way to do more good! 

Cause: Health and Community 

Neighborhood: The Arena District

What to enjoy nearby:  After you’re done, mosey on over to Brewcadia for an unbeatable combination: classic arcade games and beers! POINTer: the arcade games are free while you’re eating or drinking!   

Serve Thanksgiving Dinner
at Reeb Avenue
Tuesday, Nov 26

The Reeb Avenue Center is all about supporting the south side community. They work with awesome local partners (think: Alvis, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the Godman Guild) to provide holistic support for anyone who walks through their door. 

Not everyone has access to a hot meal on Thanksgiving, so the Reeb Avenue Center (and you!) will be providing that and a whole lot of Thanksgiving spirit to those that might otherwise go without it. Serve food, pass out giveaway items, and spread thankful vibes! 

POINT event link: https://events.pointapp.org/2079

Why we love this: What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to serve food and help others celebrate?! If you love the spirit of Thanksgiving—family, gratitude, eating way too much—this is the perfect way to take your Turkey Day spirit to the next level!

Cause: Poverty and Food

Neighborhood: Hungarian Village

What to enjoy nearby: If all that food makes you hungry, head on over to The Thurman Cafe and grab a burger—there are more than 20 options on their menu! All of the burgers you could possibly imagine!  

We’ll see you out there! Let’s #domoregood together.

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.