Volunteering 101

GUESS WHAT FRIENDS!?! This is the 101st post since bringing on our fabulous blog coordinator, Adrienne! To commemorate that, and kick off National Volunteer Month, we bring you Volunteering 101! 

First thing’s first… 

Volunteering doesn’t have to be complicated. You could simply help your grandparents with some yard work (or shoveling, if this snowy April weather keeps up), upload some vintage tunes to an old iPod and donate it to a nursing home, or donate toys to a children’s hospital. 

But why not try something a little bit different? 

I mean, it is National Volunteer Month. I’m betting most of you know how to work social media, but there are elderly people who don’t know how to use Facebook or Instagram (or even video chat) who would like to use it to connect with their families and friends. Volunteer to teach some people how at a nursing home or senior center – plus it’s heartwarming to watch old people trying to use computers

If you are a runner and want to make your steps count for something more, check out the Aruna Run happening in Cincinnati on April 16 to help free girls from sex slavery in India. Or if you’ve always liked the idea of running in a charity race but never wanted to actually train for it, you could be a volunteer at the Walk to Cure Arthritis in Columbus on April 30th

Earth Day is April 22, so maybe you want to get outside to volunteer! Gather up some friends and help with a park clean up, or citywide clean up, or plant some trees! Columbus is trying to increase tree cover and is even compensating people who plant trees. 

Benefits of volunteering 

For one, you get to make a difference in someone’s life or in your community. And the health benefits of volunteering include feeling more connected, decreasing depression, and even curbing high blood pressure. By volunteering with an organization or getting involved with a movement, you gain new friends who all have similar views on how to make the world a better place. 

So get out there this month! Try something you’ve never done before! 

Lindsey Schad
Blog Contributor

No guilt trips, no sad stories. Just a chance to do something good.