Wait, these plants actually exist?

These things are the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter of the plant world.

Tolkien missed out on some promising character choices. I would’ve gone with the rainbow tree. Less grumpy, just as much wizardry happening. Read on, nature lovers. 

Like this rainbow eucalyptus tree

(found in New Britain, New Guinea, and very few sections of the US):

via worldfortravel.com

or its lesser known name, ‘when trees paint better than you do’

Or these glow worms

that I recently saw on a creek bank in the New Zealand rainforest: 

via traveola.org/tag/trekking

Or these awesome berries

that grow in the region where I spent my summer, and contain a compound that magically shrinks cancerous tumors

via bestherbalhealth.com

All of these things grow in tropical regions. The tropics are one of the most exploited habitats, coughAmazonrainforestcough, and the amount of tropical forest is in a continual decline due to logging, agriculture, and development. Over 50,000 rainforest species are lost every year. We depend on these amazing plants and animals for food medicines, and locals – like this village in Guatemala – depend on them for survival and economic development. 

So hey, join Leo Dicaprio and take a stand for environmental conservation. 

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation / People.com

Oh, and get on the POINT wait list

so that you can find the best charities to give to, and to connect with other people who are working to save these magical forests! 

If you’re a little orc, I’m a little orc. Let’s *do* something about this.

Photo Lindsey Schad
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